A Restaurant Idea: Holy Crepe!

I was eating at a local crepe spot today, Melt, in the Simi Valley Mall. It dawned on me just how much I love crepes and just home much I like playing with words (and food). So I came up with a new restaurant idea! The name will be Holy Crepe!

The desert menu will be seven items (aka, the seven deadly sins):

  • Apple Crepe
  • Pomegranate  Crepe
  • Chocolate Crepe
  • Cherry Crepe
  • Peach Crepe
  • Blueberry Crepe
  • Mango Crepe

The main menu will consist of items like the following:

  • Bull Crepe (for steak lovers)
  • Rabbit Crepe (for vegetarians – not made with rabbit meat)
  • Cheap Crepe
  • The Big Crepe
  • Little Crepe
  • Smelly (Garlic) Crepe
  • Crepe & Barrel (wine or beer served in little barrels)
  • Morning Crepes (for the egg lovers)
  • Tastes like Crepe (the crepe sampler)
  • Hot Crepe (for the spicy lover)
  • Pile of Crepe (all you can eat crepes!)
  • Zen Crepe: One with Everything

You’ll be able to upgrade any crepe to a “Crepe Load” (aka double meat/ingredients)

The company slogan is simple: Our Food is Crepe

We’ll encourage customers to “Eat like Crepe”

Credits to the chef will be under: Who made this crepe?

Crepe of the day: “Today’s Crepe” or “Same Crepe, different day”

When you pickup something to go, it will be “Take a Crepe” and buying a gift certificate will be “Give a Crepe”.

We’ll ask for customers to fill out surveys with a rating system between “I Love this Crepe” to “This Tasted Like Crepe” to “I Hate this Crepe”.

Politics, thoughts

California Proposition 2


Proposition 2: Requires that an enclosure or tether confining specified farm animals allow the animals for the majority of every day to fully extend their limbs or wings, lie down, stand up, and turn around. Specified animals include calves raised for veal, egg-laying hens, and pregnant pigs. Exceptions made for transportation, rodeos, fairs, 4-H programs, lawful slaughter, research and veterinary purposes.

You know you wouldn’t want to sit in an office cube where you couldn’t stand up or stretch your arms, but this isn’t the only issue. Do you really want to drink milk from cows that are peeing and pooping on each other? Do you really want to eat meat from animals that require so many hormones and antibiotics because they are crapping on themselves all the time? If you answered anything other than NO, you deserve salmonella and dysentery in a cube you can’t get out of or even stretch in.