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Your Title Wants to be Your Loyal Fan

It has been entirely too long since my last Fanbox (SPAMBox) posting. I have received 125 SPAM emails from Fanbox. One of the emails actually ended up in my Junk box, but everything else went right into the Inbox. Perhaps Yahoo! has their filter backwards.

I’ve noticed some interesting ploys by Fanbox these days. For instance, of the 125 SPAM emails I received, they were sent by 17 different addresses:

  • BuddyPoke (1) – Similar to the Poking you can do on legit social networking websites like Facebook
  • Daily Babe (1) – Similar to the classic hot or not phenomenon. I guess Fanbox figured that hot chicks might help get people clicking.
  • Daily Dog (2) – As if Cute Overload and ICHCB didn’t have enough cuteness, you can get a dose of Fanbox Animal SPAM with their daily dog feature
  • Daily DONT (1) – Shouldn’t this just include not opening Fanbox SPAM emails?
  • Do you think (1) – Fanbox is SPAM? YES!
  • FanBox Fan (87) – These are the classic Fanbox Fan Requests
  • (1) – One of the various SPAM note addressed used
  • (2)
  • (1)
  • Flower Fans (1) – I just saw a message about this SPAM message on my Gadget Panel website. There is an interesting story about Gadget Panel. There was a sudden swell of bogus registrations on the website, all taking place within a matter of minutes. I’m not suggesting that Fanbox was attacking my system or anything. I’m just saying that it was rather interesting that there was a sudden influx of bogus registrations on the Gadget Panel website and a search on Google returns the article about Fanbox SPAM from as the third link.
  • Hot a Meter (1) – Yet Another Hot or Not Knockoff
  • Kiss (1)
  • Kitten Club (1) – Like the daily dog
  • KittyPix (1) – More SPAMinal garbage from Fanbox. Can you believe that someone has actually registered the domain
  • PuppyPix (1)
  • Question_It (4)
  • SuperPing (1) – They are even trying to go after the super geeks!

So much SPAM to keep up with from Fanbox.



Fanbox SPAM continues to roll in. Today, I received another SPAM from Fanbox “user” Lucy. I don’t know Lucy. Come to think about it, I’ve never known a Lucy. Apparently, she wants to be my fan. Only problem is that I’m not on Fanbox.

Whether its a “fan” request or a “question”, don’t respond to SPAMbox!

Be sure to mark the email as SPAM so that you up their chances of getting blocked.

Don’t register or give out your password. They are phishing for passwords to continue their scam.

Help fight SPAM by blogging about SPAMMERS like Fanbox and linking to websites that are already blogging about Fanbox.

If you checkout Google Trends, there is a sharp increase in searches on Google for fanbox, similar to their trend when they were spamming people through The blog community can help reduce SPAMMERS like Fanbox by raising awareness and generating search engine results that let people know that Fanbox is a SPAM company.

Have a nice day 😀



Fanbox SPAM Continues the SCAM

Fanbox Continues their SPAM policy. I received yet another SPAM from this company. Supposedly they think that by putting an address in the bottom of an email makes it ok to waste the expenses of Yahoo!’s mail servers. Have you been getting any emails that look like this:

Fanbox SPAM

On the lighter side of things, they block their own email from their online email application 😛

FanBox SPAM Block