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I was reading this article about the Dumb Dolphins today. I could help but laugh. First, when Tony Soprano… err, Sparano babbled forth his incoherent gibberish, I laughed. You’ll really have to read the article to see what I’m talking about. I couldn’t make any sense of it. The fact that Jason Cole, from Yahoo!, could make sense of it was amazing. Hats off too him!

Somehow, the Dullfins are making a great case for getting Jason Taylor less money… Well, at least that’s what Jason Cole is thinking. I’m sure there are others who are thinking that in the industry as well. The only problem is that Jason Taylor is exactly what the NFL and teams need. Rather than hiring thugs like some other teams, any team that picks up Jason Taylor will benefit tremendously.

Will Taylor go for less because of the intelligence lacking comments from the Dullfins? Not likely. Any team will benefit greatly from picking up Taylor. He’s worth more money because he’s not just a player in a football game. He’s a player in the game of the NFL.

The NFL is not only about football. It’s about honor, reputation, community, sportsmanship, and character. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to look no further than New Orleans two seasons ago.


On Earth Day, I was able to get a brief moment with George Bush to Interview him about his new environmental plan. I’ll be airing it on my Radio Show tomorrow on Of course, the show is one hour long and the interview was only about 2 1/2 minutes, so I need to make sure that I have something else on the show. But I really do have an Interview with George Bush about his environmental plan that you don’t want to miss.

Dean and I will be talking with womentrepreneurs who started their successful businesses in each of these fields this Saturday morning!

Dean and Jared are very excited about the three guests on this week’s Dean and Jared Words Cause Radio Show here on We have three incredible women who have taken their passion and flipped it on it’s side to generate great business opportunities, not just for them but for hundreds of people!

We all remember Yankee Doodle Dandy, but what’s the story behind Yankee Doodle Dandy? And why is he on a Harley?!?

Writer and Producer of a 17-minute promotional documentary on Yankee Doodle Dandy, Suzy Goodman-Pollack, joins Dean and Jared on this Saturday’s Show! More than just a character promoting genius, Suzy is an incredibly successful womentrepreneur. She runs several businesses, including Creative Balloons Mfg. Inc., a family owned and operated business-to-business company that manufactures balloons and accessories that are sold worldwide! She has literally created opportunity out of thin air!

Then, we’ll be chatting with co-founder of of Internet darling PassPack: Tara Kelly. Learn how Tara took an art school education and turned it into a vision to survivie the brutal startup landscape. Handling all the social aspects of the business, from sales to marketing to PR, she’s one of the womentrepreneurs of Web 2.0!

PassPack is an online password manager giving users secure access to their personal web account from any Internet connection, while also encouraging better password habits. It makes it easier for you to safely forget your passwords! It’s a web application that stores your passwords so that no one can read them but you – not even PassPack. How do they do it? You’ll have to listen live to hear.

Tara will also be our second international guest in as many weeks! Last week’s womentrepreneur show featured the founder of Soul at Work in Amsterdam, Marianne Korten. Tara has been in Rome for the last 10 years. We’ll be sure to ask her if they missed the Pope last week.

But WAIT!!! There’s more!

We’ll also be chatting with the founder of, Christine Schambera., a free online dance publication that offers original, unique articles on everything dance. Articles range from nutrition, performance and technique, to stage lighting, chorography and dance history. Dancehelp also offers employment and audition listings, chat forums, dance photos and videos, product reviews, press releases, dance dictionaries, biographies, as well as dance event information and original dance reviews on dance events in Southern California.

Albert Einstein once stated, “Dancers are the athletes of God”. Dean and Jared are excited about having Christine on the show. We’re hoping that Dean ends up with some dance lessons out of this show!

Be sure to catch us LIVE this Saturday, April 26, 2008 @ 10AM Pacific. Of course, if you ever missed a show, you can always subscribe via iTunes or your favorite feed reader. Check out for more details!

Nearly a week into 2008, and I am long overdue for a post. What better way than to recap my favorites of 2007:

Favorite blog on my blogroll: 800lb Gorilla

Favorite color: Powder blue from the San Diego Charger jerseys

Favorite day: Day before my birthday (My brother and I ran the LA Triathlon Sprint)

Favorite city: Many to choose from, but gotta love Chicago (even during February)

Favorite SkyMall gadget: Gotta love the Gravity Defyer Shoes

Favorite conspiracy theory: Tom Cruise was cloned by Xenu and the clone is the crazy one we’ve seen in recent years

Favorite book: If I Did It. Just kidding. The Seven Lost Secrets of Success. Joe Vitale has mastered success and is passing it along. That’s the way it should be!

Favorite moment at work: There are so many to choose from. While the Montel Williams show was interesting and The Talking Show was a first, neither of them is the top choice. Not quite the top either, the GBK Oscars Gift Suite was certainly enjoyable, as was the Scriptwriter’s Showcase. I even learned about how bad the strike would be months before it happened. Even though having Reggie Bush on the cover of the magazine was nice, that too was not my favorite moment. My favorite moment at work definitely has to be when I realized I had a great advertisement.

Favorite dance event: 2007 US Open. The Moorpark College Swing Dance Team received second place in their very first team competition at the US Open. I was one of the founding members of the college club at Moorpark, so it was particularly enjoyable to see them do so well in their first competition.

Favorite radio moment: When I was doing the Gadget Panel Radio show while on the road, heading to a Dodgers game. My phone cut out and Gadget Panelist Vadim was unable to get himself on the phone circuit. Great radio!

Favorite blog I didn’t write: The blog recapping my trip to New Zealand with the 20GB of pictures and photos I took while down under.

Favorite Movie: Ratatouille. The little ones teach us so much in life.

Favorite Website: Ext JS. The web’s future is so bright it’s gotta wear shades. My favorite demo is the desktop sample.  My nerd side is shining.

Imagine you are at a dance club about ready to go home. You are putting your shoes back on. Yes, it’s a real dance club, not some place where you have drunken dry humps on the dance floor to techno music. A hot blonde MILF that you’ve danced with comes up and asks you to walk her to her car.

Now, if you are me, your first thought might be about the beautiful babies you spent time with while in NYC this last weekend and think that God must really be smiling upon you. After all, waking up alive in Rockefeller Plaza at 5AM on a Sunday morning is not the norm for New York. But I digress.

So, I’m sitting there thinking that the MILF can’t seriously be hitting on me. I mean, 20 minutes ago I was asking her about her kids and how long she’s been married. Then she informs me that the guy sitting at the bar had been checking her out all night long and she was a little nervous. I look over and there is no one sitting at the bar. I take another glance.

Clearly a not so distant relative of Jeffrey Dahmer. This guy score a 1600 on the creepy freak SAT. A friggin’ 6.0 in the Winter Creeplympics. A 10.0 on the Creepter Scale. In fact, I just looked up freak ass creepo on wikipedia and his picture showed up in one of the asides.

You get the point, right? We’re talking Captain Creeparoo here. So, I realize that it is my civic duty to walk the hot blonde MILF to her car and make every effort to not hit on her. I kid. I kid! She’s married with kids! I would at least find out if she’s getting a divorce first.

All joking aside… I’m walking out of the building with her, and she turns to me and apologizes, saying that she’s sorry because many of the people in the joint thought that she was picking up on me. Score! I mean, having it look like Mrs. Robinson was picking up on me will definitely score me some points with the college kids when I go back there next week 😀

The talKing Show host, Christine Eads, learns some Salsa from Four time World Mayan Salsa Dance Champion Liz Lira. One of my favorite comedians, Adam Hunter, even tries out some moves (I think more moves on Christine than on the actual dance floor).

Liz Lira is a great dancer and a wonderful personality. If you have a chance to meet her, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. She’s a very dedicated dancer and one of the nicest dance instructors I know. The dance community needs more Liz Liras!

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Turbo Tagger

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I do a lot of dancing, exercise, walking, standing, activities, etc. Using one of those vibrating wands (don’t let your mind go there sicko!) or vibrating pads doesn’t do the trick for me. I need something that’s going to really work my muscle. Now, I have a great massage therapist. The guy is an expert in acupuncture, deep tissue massage, reflexology, strange human body experiments, etc. He’s also a former dancer, so he knows a lot about the muscles that I’ve been using and how to get them to function efficiently.

But this isn’t about my great massage therapist. Although, I’d be willing to share his information if you need those services. This is about the next best thing. Since I can’t afford to pay him or a miniaturized version of him to give me a massage every week, I opted for a shiatsu massage machine from Brookstone a while back. The product has since been replaced by what I feel to be an inferior product. Although, the replacement is a less expensive model.

This thing is great for neck, back, leg, arm, shoulder, and foot massages. The new model does pretty much the same thing. However, it is not quite as powerful in my opinion and doesn’t offer the ability to massage as many different body parts. Just take a look at the version now available Brookstone versus the video bellow, and you will see what I mean.

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There are so many reasons for a red-blooded American male should want to dance, and the folks at The CW have given us yet another reality TV show to make dance interesting for men. See, guys have been asking me why I like dance so much. Well, it’s great exercise. That’s for sure. The people are great too. There is also one very BIG reason to be a man in dance. It is abundantly visible on Tuesday nights at 9. The Pussycat Dolls are searching for the next doll. The question I have for myself… Where the hell was I when they did their first performance in Hollywood? Oh, and how did Mark McGrath’s nostrils get so big?

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I love dance. It doesn’t matter whether it is partnered dance, danceteams, solos… I love it all. This person in Singapore posted on one ofmy blogs about my dance charity. I checked out their blog and found one of the best blogs about dance I have ever read:

Another Life Lesson learnt in Jazz class

I’m lovin’ it! 😀 Blogs are a great way to share and contribute!

Checkout their about page:
Set with a powerful personal mission to positively impact more than10,000,000 lives through dance, I’m beginning a deeper exploration intothe world of dance, and in the process of aligning more of my life todance.


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I’ve been talking about putting together a dance event and wanting to put together charity events for a while. Something finally started clicking while I was thinking about my Team Management and Leadership Program. A saying Raul Julia often said (not that the quote originated with him) kept playing over in my head, “If not you, then who? If not now, then when?”
Well, what a perfect combination: Charity and Dance!

My goal is for the local dance community to contribute to the local charities on a level we’ve never seen before. I want to become the Love Ride of dance events. I remember my very first Love Ride event. It was many moons ago. Back then, people were impressed by the 3600 motorcyclists who showed up to support the charity event. There are tens of thousands of bikers who show up now. It’s the largest single day motorcycle event in the world.

I know it’s going to take a while to get everything off the ground with the dance charities, but what better time than to start right now. I’ve started a project to get the ball rolling in the San Fernando Valley. I even posted blog on my new website ( to get the ball rolling!

Anyone who loves children, charities, animals, or dance is welcome to join and help cause these charitable events in their community. My goal is to allow us to all learn from each other so that we can really help cause our local community from the help of others.

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I love open source. I love the idea. I love the practice.

The concept of open source software is pretty simple. The community freely, openly develops software, each individual collaborating and contributing to others in the community. The result… It’s the future on the Internet.

My former swing dance partner (Denise Gibson) wanted to create a website for her students. She teach swing dance, ballroom, swing dance, and other styles of dance at local colleges and studios. She wanted to provide them with a web experience where they could bond as a community, communicate with each other, meet new people, and enjoy a multimedia arrangement of dance information.

I wasn’t sure where to start. It’s been a while since I was out of the IT game. Of course, it never occurred to me to develop a website for her based on or any Windoze platform for that matter. So, I played around with the applications available through my hosting service.

WOW! What a selection!

I stumbled across an application called Joomla. Mind you, by this time, I had evaluated Xoops, Geeklog, Serendipity, and a slew of others. Something about Joomla just really kept me interested. Sure, it has one ridiculous flaw in the fact that an article can only be placed into a single section+category. Hell, they should have talked to me about my infamous name/value pair class I developed back in the days of the psychic chat network. Those were the good ol‘ days, but I digress.

Joomla is as extensible as you can get. Build a community, host discussion boards, member managed blogging, private messaging, newsletters, AJAX shout boxes, eCards, contact management… The list goes on forever, literally. People in the Open Source community are developing tons of projects for Joomla every week.

In a matter of weeks, I developed a community website that had many of the same features as Myspace (minus the abundance of bugs). Granted, does not have 11 million members, but that’s besides the point. I encourage anyone to test out Denise’s website. Even if you don’t know anything about dance, take a look and see what is possible in just a matter of days with open source software. Who knows… You might just find yourself picking up a pair of dance shoes after all!

Folks, this is where the web is going: community building websites with multimedia entertainment, newsletters, cool features. And it’s all going to be free!!! –

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