The Gay Kiss Cam

The Gay Kiss Cam

A friend of mine posted this article on Facebook the other day. It got me thinking about the Kiss Cams I’ve seen. I’ve been to a lot of sporting events, so I’ve seen a lot of kiss cams. The attempted “gay” kiss cam is done at almost every sporting event, and I think it’s hilarious! Just like when they get a couple to kiss and then try to get the husband or wife to kiss someone hot sitting next to them.

Yes, most people cringe at the kiss cam when it’s on two dudes. News flash, the majority of men aren’t gay. But have you seen a kiss cam when they put it on a brother and sister? Seriously! Talk about unreserved hatred and disgust! We going to ban those too? No, because is ridiculously hilarious to watch someone not want to kiss someone else with some much passion!

I understand McCarthy is coming from a good place, but here’s why we shouldn’t stop the gay kiss cam:

It’s sports. It’s about coming together and cheering for a team with people you don’t know whether they love cock or not. The baseball on the field doesn’t care if you’re gay, straight, black, brown, white, yellow. It might care if you are a dog, but that’s about it.

Since the minority of people in our population are gay or doing a three way with the person sitting next to them, it’s funny when you put the camera on two dudes or two chicks or pan over to the lady sitting next to the couple to try to get the husband or wife to kiss her. It’s hilarious, and if you can’t find the humor in it, get out of America’s favorite past time and go troll under a bridge.

Maybe we need more gay kisses on the kiss cam so people stop being so sensitive about it. I’ve seen it at a couple of games. It’s hilarious! It’s as great as when they find the guy who looks like Santa Claus in the audience during December basketball games. Everyone wants to see Santa make out with someone! It’s awesome! Same sex kiss and move on to the next people on the kiss cam.

Most importantly, what if a gay couple was at a game and really wanted to be on the kiss cam but had no chance because we end up with a stupid ban on gay kiss cam attempts? That would suck! Everyone LOVES the kiss cam! Everyone should get a kiss cam opportunity!


The Great Life Challenge

Life… It’s something we all have in common. How we choose to live our lives is often quite different and perplexing to some. For example, people who complain about life or how crappy people are… they just don’t make sense to me. People who are oblivious to the events of the world around them don’t make sense to me. And I’m sure that I don’t make sense to many people around me.

Actually, I know I don’t make sense to some people around me. For example, this week I paid a visit to the doctor. Turns out I have a kidney stone. A rather large one, but it is something that can be treated without me ending up in the hospital (the first kidney stone I had 9 years ago put me in the emergency room). My doctor wanted a better look at my insides as a whole (32 year olds with kidney stones isn’t the norm).

I got my first CT Scan, and I was pretty excited about it! Just think about it… Have you gotten a CT Scan? How many people do you know who have gotten a CT Scan? I can cross that one off my bucket list (and I did). A friend of mine didn’t that it was all that cool or funny that I (1) had to get a CT Scan and (2) had a bucket list at my age.

All this really got me to thinking… How complete is my bucket list? And do just happy things need to be on my bucket list?

This mental search left me with one conclusion: I have a great life!

Not everything has been strawberry shortcake along the way, but does any of that really make my life bad or less enjoyable? Had my family not grown up on food stamps and welfare, would my life have been any less enjoyable? I know people who were born with silver spoons in their mouths and have been miserable their entire lives. Still there are others who have been happy their entire lives.

Then it got me to thinking about how to have fun with how great life really is. Now, I love competition! I love sports in particular, but I also qualify Hungry Hungry Hippos as a sport. Anything that is a challenge, I consider a sport. Life is a challenge, so I’m up for playing that sport at a professional level. I don’t want to be an amateur life! Of course, every sport must have an opponent. But this game of living isn’t about making someone else’s life less enjoyable. In fact, I’ll say this life sport has not defense at all. This is an all offense game!

So, I challenge anyone to have a better life than me!

All two people who ready my blog (LOL), I challenge you! Make your life better than mine. Smile more than me. Enjoy your family and friends more than me. Enjoy the world more than me. I challenge you to enjoy your life more than me!

Of course, this means you are going to have to post blogs, images, social network posts, etc. about how great your life is. This way, I can one-up you and we can continue going until one of us wins in about 80+ years!!!

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Really, So Much For That San Diego Eli Manning Trade

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a blog about what has now become a clear mistake by AJ Smith in his recruiting for San Diego. Like is always the case with professional sports, you have objective opinions and opinions of fans. My final sentence of the blog:

The ultimate smack to AJ Smith’s Eli deal would be for the Giants to win the Super Bowl.

The response…

Jason Fitzgerald: “Going to the Super Bowl from the NFC is NOTHING like going from the AFC these days. Get real…start writing if you can beat them in the Super Bowl…Fat Chance!”

Start writing? I’ll keep writing. This Sunday has shown once again that AJ Smith did a fair job with the hand he was dealt with Eli Manning not wanting to go to San Diego but got the short end of the stick. The top bid that NY put for Eli has shown to have been worth it for them, as he has now driven them to Super Bowl immortality. There is no 19-0, and New England will become just the second Super Bowl losing team anyone remembers (the other team being the 4 consecutive Super Bowl loser Buffalo Bills, who were back officed by AJ Smith, BTW).

Would Eli have been worth San Diego keeping? Absolutely not. AJ Smith would not have surrounded Eli Manning with an incredible defense and offensive players. Oh, and Eli ends up as Super Bowl 42 MVP.

This might just make the Patriots the only loser from Boston, since the Red Sox have already won, the Celtics are likely future champions, and Mitt Romney will possibly be on ballots in November.

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So much for that Manning Trade for San Diego

It was fun while it lasted for AJ Smith (the GM for the San Diego Chargers) and San Diego fans. Pick up three of your current top stars for an Eli Manning who didn’t want to play in San Diego. For years, it looked like a great deal. Philip Rivers appeared to be a quarterback on the rise. Shawn Merriman is one of the best in the game right now. To top it off, the Chargers were kicking the Giants and Eli Manning around every time they squared off against each other. Unfortunately, Eli and the Giants are having the last laugh all the way to the Super Bowl.

For years, San Diego looked like it had the better end of the deal. After all, one quarterback couldn’t possibly be as valuable as three Pro Bowl players, right? Well, if we use the Super Bowl as the measure of success in the NFL (which for some strange reason most people seem to do except for AJ Smith) then the Eli trade was one of the biggest mistakes the San Diego Chargers made this century. Sure, AJ Smith had years to talk about how great his decision was because Eli was struggling, and the Chargers were on the rise. But time has shown that AJ’s bet did not payoff.

The Chargers (and all the talent they picked up in the Eli trade) are not going to the Super Bowl, largely because of Rivers’ 2 interceptions and his inability to capitalize on three interceptions the Charger’s defense had against Tom Brady. On the other hand, Eli and the Giants are going to the Super Bowl. The ultimate smack to AJ Smith’s Eli deal would be for the Giants to win the Super Bowl.

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To Honor Baseball…

Commissioner Bud Selig announced today that Major League Baseball would remain a illegitimate sport by rewarding steroid users with trophies titles and records. He stated that unlike other professional sports that strip athletes of their wins and records even years after they accomplished them, Major League Baseball would not join the realm of legitimate sports. “We made too much money from this, and will be teaming up with the WWE to provide even greater entertainment and record breaking headlines. You never know.”

Commissioner Selig also announced a plan to honor the rampant use of steroids in baseball over the last decade. The 2008 season will mark a shrinkage in the ball size in baseball. The decision to reduce the bat has not been made yet, but Bud Selig announced, “Ball shrinkage is the best way we can think of to honor steroids monetary gift to Major League Baseball.”

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Top 10 Games You Won’t See in the NFL this Year

10. The Rams win!!! Sorry, the Rams are on the fast track to becoming the first team to ever go 0-16! Not since the strike shortened 1982 season have we seen a winless team, so we are long overdue. Hey! Maybe they’ll come back to Los Angeles 😀

9. A game where Mike Holmgren doesn’t make a call leaving us thinking WTF! Next time, kick the field goal when are down by 11 and get stuffed in the red zone.

8. The Raiders win!!! At least against an AFC West opponent. The season of broken records is also the season of broken hearts for Raiders fans as the Raiders lost to the San Diego Chargers on Sunday, breaking the NFL record for consecutive losses to a division opponent.

7. Where Tom Brady throws fewer than 3 touchdowns. It doesn’t quite rank up there with Al “Crazy Legs” Bundy scoring 4 touchdowns in a single game. I don’t remember much about it. Wind coming out of the Southwest at 14 mph… Expect an even more dominating team than the 49er Super Bowl team of ’94. If Brady doesn’t break Manning’s record, be surprised. I heard a mouse in Boston say MVP on Sunday.

6. A game where Brett Favre doesn’t break an NFL record after October 14. Scoring the dubious title of most interceptions, Brett Favre became the most selfish passer in NFL history. No! He couldn’t just have the NFL record for touchdowns now could he! Each week he throws a TD or INT will be a new record. Expect at least 1 INT each week.

5. A game better than Nov 4 in Indy! It is highly probable that Manning and Brady will be leading undefeated teams in their AFC Championship rematch. Count on it being one of the highest scoring games in NFL history, at least for television ratings.

4. Any nationally televised game where Eli Manning is not compared to big brother Peyton. Sorry, Eli. That’s what happens when your older brother is one of the best quarter backs to play the game. And I thought I had it bad because my brother got his law degree… sheesh.

3. A playoff game at John Kerry’s wife’s stadium. The Steeler’s soft schedule is helping them look good in the early part of the season, but put your money on Big Ben putting up similar stats to last year’s 75.4 QB rating after they meet up with the Ravens in a couple of weeks. If they make it to the playoffs, it’s on the road the whole way (and don’t expect a repeat of the Stealers Super Bowl theft a couple years ago).

2. One with Janet Jackson in the halftime show. Years after the most Tivo’d moment in television history, people still can’t stop talking about the infamous nipple ornament slip of the 2003-4 Super Bowl. Hey, didn’t Mr. Wardrobe Malfunction just win the MTV Artist of the Year Award?

1. Atlanta Falcons vs. Cleveland Browns. Fortunately for NFL schedulers, they didn’t land the former team of Michael “Cock Fighting is for Chickens” Vick in the Dawg Pound. After all, Vick might not be able to keep himself from throwing down a few bills at the east end of Browns Stadium.

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Schwarzenegger Declares State of Emergency in California After Chargers Beat Raiders

Fearing riots from upset Raiders fans after the Oakland Raiders lost to the San Diego Chargers 28-14, California Governator Ahnuld Schwarzenegger declared a “State of Emergency” on Sunday. Well known for burning cars, smashing windows, and steeling booty, Raiders fans were closely watched from San Diego to Northern California.

Los Angeles was a particular location of interest as investigators are looking into whether the Interstate 5 big rig pileup and explosion was possibly caused by disgruntled Raiders fans trying to make it to San Diego in time for the game. The investigation continues.