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Before I get started on my rant about Magento, I need to make it clear that I LOVE open source software and I absolutely LOVE this particular open source ecommerce platform. I think that Magento has tremendous promise and is an excellent choice for a company’s ecommerce platform. Now that I’m done with my praise, I’ll get to my rant…

Honestly, they have to be kidding! I know that the whole point of open source is to get the programmers work where they get paid. Hey, WordPress is open source. It’s not like these guys are independently wealthy and just make cool software out of the kindness of their hearts. However, Magento is far from an enterprise level platform. Even with the additional features, Magento is not at that level. Case and point… They can’t even process sales tax correctly.

The latest release of Magento ( didn’t fix a bug that was created when they released 1.3.1. This bug is a rather serious bug that makes Magento practically useless for ecommerce. Since ecommerce is what this platform is supposed to be used for, Magento 1.3.1 and beyond are worthless until they fix this bug. The bug is that no matter how you setup your tax groups, there is no way to enter an order into the Admin interface that doesn’t get charged taxes if you have a tax setup for that postal code.

Now, a careful ecommerce guy will read that last sentence and find another flaw with Magento. Yes, Magento does their taxes based upon zip codes. There is no state in America that allows you to base your taxes on a postal code. Postal codes are setup by the US Post Office (which is NOT a government agency). Our local and state governments recognize cities and municipalities ONLY, not zip codes.

In my opinion, Enterprise level software should be able to handle sales taxes properly. Magento doesn’t. There is plenty of work left for the folks over there before they have an Enterprise level application. How about the fix the community edition tax problems before releasing “Enterprise” software.


I’ve joked that Windows Vista is the real cause of the current recession (really a depression), but can anyone really call it a coincidence? The only thing worse to ever happen to the world of computing than Vista is 64 bit Vista. What a piece of crap!

Fortunately, we all have choices now. Enter Ubuntu. If you are using your Vista machine for basic web browsing, email, word processing, Ubuntu is for you. If you are using your Vista machine for coding PHP, MySQL, Apache apps, Ubuntu is for you. If you are using your Vista machine for .NET development… Visit Amazon and pick up some PHP books!

Have a need for Internet Explorer? I feel for you 😦

I have had my moments of support for Microsoft in the past. However, I can’t believe how worthless their technology has become over the years. Windows Vista is by far the greatest leap backwards in computing that we have ever seen. Will Windoze 7 be better? I keep hearing good things, but in just 30 minutes I was able to install Ubuntu and get my first blog posted about it.

Currently, my four computers are MAC, XP, Vista, and Ubuntu/Vista. There will likely be no more Vista only machine within the next couple of months.

The application installer makes my life so much easier. No more downloading and extracting the latest version of Open Office or Audacity or whatever application I use regularly. It even came with my favorite open source graphics editor installed: GIMP!