Solving the Washington Name Controversy While Honoring Native Americans

Dan Snyder can easily solve his naming controversy AND add to the legacy of his brand with one simple change. Rename the “Redskins” to the “Americans”. Keep the iconic logo of a strong Native American, along with the burgundy, gold, and white color scheme and font. Color scheme and font are just as important to branding as an actual name. Snickers is the best resent example of this where they didn’t use the name “Snickers” in print advertisements but just the font and color scheme that are distinctly Snickers. Washington has the same level of recognition of it’s logo, color, and font.

Snyder has made it clear that he believes the Redskins name honors a heritage of Native Americans, despite numerous Native American tribes’ claims to the contrary. By keeping the logo and changing the name to Americans, Snyder would truly be honoring the native forefathers he believes his current team name honors. It would be a tremendous recognition of the original Americans, and I highly doubt that it would harm the brand in anyway. I’m willing to bet that it would strengthen the brand considerably. Snyder appears to be adamant about NOT being forced to change his team’s name, but the Washington Americans is a stronger brand than what he has now.


Maybe My Reggie Bush Gadget Universe Will be Worth Something in Two Sundays…

Few people have one of the December 2007 editions of Gadget Universe with Reggie Bush on the cover. There weren’t that many printed, and after The Saints’ 2007 season, most of them were probably thrown away… But I kept mine!

Reggie Bush is a Fan of GadgetsWith a possible Saints win on Super Bowl Sunday, Reggie Bush has a very good change of being the Super Bowl MVP. The President just might be smiling in a couple Sundays. I think I’ll keep mine rather than selling it on eBay even if the Saints do win.