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Hotwire sends me a link asking me to write a review about the hotel they scammed me for more than $200 over what I could have paid if I booked directly. I enjoyed my hotel stay, so I figured I’d write a positive review about the place. One of the things I noticed when writing the review is that Hotwire states not to mention anything specific about the hotel: not the hotel name, nearby landmarks, area, etc. My guess is that this is based upon the fact that Hotwire’s business model is all about scamming you. If you had an idea about what was around the hotel, it would be fairly easy to figure out what the hotel is, check the hotel rates directly and find out that you can book directly with the hotel for cheaper.

Following up on my request for a refund from Hotwire in my last post, they did respond back stating that a credit would be issued for roughly $70. Certainly a far cry from the $237 I would have saved booking directly.

This is the review I wrote about the Milford Plaza Hotel in midtown that Hotwire I’m certain will not post since my original post has already been rejected by them for:

  • Specific points of interest mentioned reveal the hotel

One of the best bangs for the buck in the area. Easy access to the subway. Fairly easy access to getting a cab. Plenty of restaurants right around the corner. Right around the corner from TS. You have to go upstairs to get to the main elevators, and there was a lot of construction during my visit. However, the staff certainly did their best to keep up. When the construction is finished, this is going to be a *great* hotel! Of course, since Hotwire is a complete scam based upon hiding the hotel information from you so that you can’t figure out what the actual hotel is and discover that the hotel can be booked directly for cheaper, this review will never see the light of day on their website.

I added the last sentence after Hotwire sent me that ridiculous email about revealing the hotel. Wow, a hotel in NY that is surrounded by restaurants, has easy access to the subway, cabs, and Times Square. That really nails it down to at least 80 hotels. Throw in the construction, and we’re down to 30-40 hotels. I’ll just keep ranting about Hotwire as long as I can.

Hotwire has lost my business for good. I’m planning a business trip to New York, and I decided to use Hotwire for my hotel search and booking. I had never used Hotwire before, but with that catchy “H-O-T-W-I-R-E Hotwire dot commmmmm” jingle, I figured it was worth a shot. Plus, after having cross checked rates with Orbitz (my favorite travel site for booking flights) and a handful of the usual suspects (TripAdvisor,, Priceline, Hotwire had the lowest “price” for the area I wanted that I could find on the hotel search engines.

The hotel name wasn’t listed, and I started getting the feeling I get when someone is pitching me a MLM idea. Like so many people that get suckered in to things that are too good to be true, I bit. Then I received the name of the hotel. Hmmm…

I went to the hotel’s website and found rates lower than Hotwire. Not only were the rates lower, but naturally the taxes were lower and there was no $49.41 in “fees”. Now, Hotwire does offer a refund for lower rates, but when you look at their “refund” it doesn’t include taxes, nor does it include “fees”. Overall, Hotwire cheated me out of more than $200 between the inflated room rate, higher taxes, and “fees” that are non-refundable.

Hotwire could pay a guy to just make bookings with the hotel at the rate I would have paid if I had purchased directly from them, and they’d walk away with more than $200. Now, I completely understand that a company needs to make money. Perhaps the only way that Hotwire and all the other online booking companies can make money is by inflating the rack rates of hotels and hope that people won’t book directly with the hotel. However, what is really the value I’m getting for their “services”?

The supposed value of the online hotel search engines is that I don’t have to check each hotel one by one. Theoretically, that saves me time. However, between cross referencing all the online hotel search engines: prices, amenities, reviews, rooms, etc. I really started questioning whether the days of using a travel agent shouldn’t make a comeback. What did booking online really save me? Certainly not money and certainly not time.

Update 5/5/13
Received an email from Hotwire about my request for refund stating:

Thank you for submitting your Low Price Guarantee claim.  I was unable to find the lower rate using the information you provided.  I was only able to find the lower price at $239.00, not $237.15.  Please reply to this email and attach an image  (screenshot ) of the lower rate.  It must include the address bar showing what website the rate was located on and the average nightly rate before any taxes and fees.   The rate submitted must include the same currency and booking details  as booked on the Hotwire site including travel dates, hotel property, number of guests and number of rooms.
Please note we can accept the following file formats: .gif. jpg/.jpeg .png .bmp .tif .xhtml / .xht .html / .htm .shtml .mht .webarchive .doc .docx .rtf .pdf .  We must receive the screenshot within 48 hours of this email to consider the claim.
Normally, I’d be so happy that I took the screenshot the day of the theft of my money. But just checking the hotel rate on my cell phone right now, I still find the exact same rate as the day I made the reservation! Hotwire is a complete scam!

Famed puppy killer, David Motari, got a job working as a New York Street Sweeper and was put to work immediately. Unfortunately, he was back to his puppy killing ways as he sucked up a puppy into the street sweeper, killing it, and then driving another 2 1/2 blocks before stopping.

Communism has gotten hold of lawmakers in New York! This isn’t McCarthy style scare tactics folks, this is the real deal. One the surface, people might be thinking that the whole Amazon Tax thing is no big deal. Amazon might win, probably, perhaps, hopefully, right?

Think again!

New York is attacking the constitution of the United States. Furthermore, they are expecting our businesses to foot the bill for the constitutional challenge. Our businesses are going to have to pay to prove that our constitution protects us from the economic greed of lawmakers like those in New York. Yes, our businesses are footing the bill. I say New York should have to repay Amazon for ALL legal expenses if Amazon wins the lawsuit against New York. That should keep idiot lawmakers from abusing the power that we gave them!

Remember in the Terminator and Matrix, how the machines turned on us humans? The machines gained awareness and started to revolt against us? It is starting to happen. The cranes are leading the charge! It’s almost like provoking the lead of a herd. Everyone will follow suit. If we hear of another crane revolting, we know what’s up. At least we haven’t been overrun by damned dirty apes!

This morning, I was browsing through the headlines on After reading about how Obama is all talk and no action and how Hillary is in the political fight of her life, I couldn’t help but read about the Tokyo marathon runner who solves the mystery of his chest pain: bleeding nipples and not a cardiovascular issue.


Yes, bleeding nipples. This was a mystery? Apparently, he attributes it to chafing and not excessive titty twisters before the race.

What does this have to do with a better future? Well, one could argue that Brian Jones will certainly be a little perkier after his marathon, but the better future was part of a Rueter’s survey:

Growing confidence in the future and slightly warmer views of President George W. Bush and Congress put Americans in a better mood this month, according to a Reuters/Zogby poll released on Wednesday.

… Approval ratings for Bush climbed to 34 percent from 31 percent last month, and positive ratings for Congress inched up from 14 percent to a still-low 17 percent.

I’m feeling optimistic about the future. Bush signed a good stimulus package. More people are watching The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch. The Federal Reserve is finally waking up… Then another article catches my eye: LIBERAL INTOLERANCE:

The proportion of Americans reporting they feel less free to speak than they used to climbed from 13 percent in 1954 to 24 percent in 2005.

Guess they haven’t been reading many blogs lately. The first comment I received on my post about the ultra-boring two hour infomercial for Ford and Microsoft (aka Knight Rider) was the F-bomb. The only comment I received about the Bush Stimulus package being the next Big Idea was a tirade by a New Yorker that was longer than my post and didn’t address the point of my post.

Doesn’t seem like a lack of self expression is really present. I think the flaw with James L. Gibson’s study is how subjective it is to interpretation. For example:

The proportion who agree that “all people feel as free to say what they think as they used to” dropped from 56 percent to 43 percent.

Feeling “free to say what they think”? What exactly does that mean? Sounds like a personal problem.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a blog about what has now become a clear mistake by AJ Smith in his recruiting for San Diego. Like is always the case with professional sports, you have objective opinions and opinions of fans. My final sentence of the blog:

The ultimate smack to AJ Smith’s Eli deal would be for the Giants to win the Super Bowl.

The response…

Jason Fitzgerald: “Going to the Super Bowl from the NFC is NOTHING like going from the AFC these days. Get real…start writing if you can beat them in the Super Bowl…Fat Chance!”

Start writing? I’ll keep writing. This Sunday has shown once again that AJ Smith did a fair job with the hand he was dealt with Eli Manning not wanting to go to San Diego but got the short end of the stick. The top bid that NY put for Eli has shown to have been worth it for them, as he has now driven them to Super Bowl immortality. There is no 19-0, and New England will become just the second Super Bowl losing team anyone remembers (the other team being the 4 consecutive Super Bowl loser Buffalo Bills, who were back officed by AJ Smith, BTW).

Would Eli have been worth San Diego keeping? Absolutely not. AJ Smith would not have surrounded Eli Manning with an incredible defense and offensive players. Oh, and Eli ends up as Super Bowl 42 MVP.

This might just make the Patriots the only loser from Boston, since the Red Sox have already won, the Celtics are likely future champions, and Mitt Romney will possibly be on ballots in November.

Any of us who use Windows (you know who you are by the sucker written on your forehead), have seen the “You have unused icons on your desktop” message pop up from time to time. But most of our screens are not displayed on a screen the size of a 10 story building like this guy:

You have unused icons on your desktop

I kinda wish I had stuck around to see them clean the desktop 😛