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The Green Sheep

I was startled when I read the news this evening about the supposed Earth Liberation Front (E.L.F.) burning of several million dollar homes in the Woodinville, WA. Why would anyone who supposedly supports a green movement burn a house?

It sounds like a little black sheep in the E.L.F. This got me to thinking… What is the Earth Liberation Front? What do they believe the Earth needs liberating from? Themselves? A simple Google search and I find this website:

Earth Liberation Front Website

Yes, if you checkout the snapshot I took of the website this evening, the title of the website is: “VIAGRA SAMPLE PACKS”…

And they have the statement: The Earth Liberation Front “ELF” is an underground movement with no leadership, membership or official spokesperson.

Without a central spokesperson, there is really no one to say this was a stupid idea or that they caused more environmental damage by burning the houses than if they had just left the houses alone and done something constructive with their time. My personal take on it is that some environmentally unconscious people with anger management issues were behind the burning of homes in Washington. If you’ve seen Twelve Monkeys it was likely someone much like Jeffrey Goines and his underground army of the twelve monkeys.

This kind of behavior is exactly what green suporters and environmentalists don’t need. There is no need for a band of vandals burning down homes in the name of Earth (or any cause of that matter). This doesn’t further any environmental cause. It merely tarnishes the image of green supporters.

The job just got tougher for the green sheep in the family.