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Defensive Driving

Strange experience on the freeway last night. I was heading home from my office and I’m driving along when a car comes up behind me and goes to pass me. They change lanes and then disappear into my blind spot. Then they just decided to sit in my blind spot for a few miles. If it wasn’t for the fact that it was dark so I saw their headlights, I would have never known they were there until I needed to change lanes. But that wasn’t the strange part. If I sped up, they would speed up. If I slowed down, they would slow down.

I pulled a Maverick. Hit the brakes, and they flew right by. I changed lanes so I could make my way towards my exit. Then things got really weird… They kept slowing down and speeding up so that I was in their blind spot! I’m guessing this has something to do with it being dark and they wanted the extra set of headlights, but this driver was pretty weird.


The pay-per-mile idea is gaining momentum like a big rig at the top of the Grapevine… Why this would even be a consideration as opposed to raising the federal gas tax is further proof of how our Federal government is lousy at making any kind of reasonable infrastructure proposal.

First, it has been our governments pushing vehicle manufacturers to become more fuel efficient. Didn’t they consider that if you push the vehicles to go from and average of 15MPG to 30MPG you’re going lose half of your gas tax revenue??? Did that not cross anyone’s mind? It’s simple math!

Second, and most importantly, a pay-per-mile tax is a bad idea because it taxes those who drive vehicles that put less wear and tear on our roads (e.g. small vehicles) at the same rate as vehicles that put more wear and tear on our roads (e.g. large vehicles). Unless the government plans on taxing large vehicles differently than small vehicles. Gas tax doesn’t have this problem. Larger vehicles are inherently lower MPG than smaller vehicles.

Third, certain roads require more maintenance than other roads. Weather conditions really dictate how long a road is going to last. So, some poor sap living in a mild climate region is going to be subsidizing someone living in a inclement region.

Raise gas taxes! Or better yet, make roads toll roads… Or even better! Issue Highway bonds (and make the purchase of them 100% income tax deductible)! For those traveling the open road, I’m sure they’ll be more than willing to plop down some money on highway bonds. It’s a good investment!

Head-on with a Big RIgFirst thing I think when there’s an oncoming big rig… Let me get a picture

I was driving back home from Chipotle the other day. I took the back road along the mall in Simi Valley. When I got to the stop sign at the end of the road, I arrived shortly before the lady in the car to my left. That would give me the right of way. So the lady stopped and waited. I saw a guy on a bicycle coming up along side of her, so I waited. The lady motioned for me to go, so I pointed to the guy on the bicycle who was now right along side of her. She started yelling and making large arm motions for me to go just as the guy on the bicycle passed her.

I figured she would have gotten the point that although I had the right of way, I didn’t because of the guy on the bicycle. As she started driving, she looked in my direction and gave me the bird. I couldn’t help but laugh at such an idiot.

BMW has started promoting its 1 series. Apparently, the 3 series had not done enough to lower the price to becoming a complete road ahole. Keep your eyes on the road for an increase in obnoxious drivers and spoiled children as the bar has been lowered for entry into the elite club of the Ultimate AHole Machine. The launch of the 1 series lowers the price to become a complete ahole on the road to just under $30K.