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Dick Cheney Worst VP Ever

I can’t believe that only 23% of the people polled in a CNN poll thought Vice President Dick(head) Cheney is the worst VP in the history of America. Either these people have a strong recollection of Aaron Burr and Spiro Agnew, or they haven’t paid much attention to distortion of our constitution by the worst Vice President in history. Certainly, Agnew was a swindler, but he has nothing on Cheney. Dick easily ranks up there with Burr.

I would be interested in knowing who these people really think is the worst VP ever.

My favorite quote from Dick:

“I’m very comfortable with where we are and what we achieved substantively. And frankly, I would not want to be one of those guys who spends all his time reading the polls. I think people like that shouldn’t serve in these jobs.”

Of course he feels very comfortable. After having pulled off the largest raping of the American public, I’m sure he feels as comfortable as OJ Simpson with a glove that doesn’t fit on his hand.

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Aaron Burr Endorses John McCain

Yesterday, Aaron Burr… Err, I mean Dick(head) Cheney endorsed John McCain for President. This is a very unfortunate endorsement for John McCain to receive from the worst Vice President since Aaron Burr.

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Palin and Her Secessionist Friends Can Get the Hell Out of My Country

I love America! I’ll joke from time-to-time about how California is our own country, but I’m not secretly promoting an independent California. As much as I think politicians like Dick Cheney has tarnished the American dream for decades to come, I still love our country.

When we hear about nut jobs in Texas and Montana who are trying to secede from America, we usually chalk it up as a bunch of crazies in the middle of the desert. Then you have Sarah Palin, John McCain’s VP running mate, who happens to be running around with the Alaskan Independence Party. No, that’s not the Independent Party in Alaska. That is Alaskans who want to secede from the United States of America.

For someone who touts her patriotism not by the taxes she pays, I’m really looking hard for how the hell she is patriotic.

If someone wants out of America so bad, why are they running on a presidential ticket? How about she just gets the hell out of America. Russia is right in her backyard. She could just swim there and take the whole Alaskan Independence Party with her.

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American Racism Against Mexico and why Dick Cheney is the New Aaron Burr

Here are some quick highlights from our latest radio show:

  • Ron Paul standing on freeway overpasses. If it were only true -(
  • Political Philosophy from the Roman ideals to the original George W (Washington) to McCain/Obama/Clinton
  • Racism against Mexicans. Why have we been so anti-Mexico for over a century?
  • Will the next President be assassinated?
  • George Bush will redeem himself
  • Kings & Queens of America. The Bush & Clinton dominance of the Oval Office
  • The original Dick Cheney: Aaron Burr
  • John McCain’s testicular fortitude
  • A reminder of John Hagee’s plans to become God
  • Why women are too catty to vote from Clinton
  • Nothing bad comes out of Arizona
  • Bill Clinton doing an alien autopsy
  • McCain’s grandfather is going to vote for him

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