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How to finish a race

It certainly wasn’t my strongest race ever. In fact, the 0.4 mile swim nearly killed me. But the Los Angeles Triathlon was a tremendous accomplishment this weekend. Thanks to Accenture, I’m able to watch a video of my pasty ass cross the finish line. That’s the way to finish the race. Be sure to checkout my lil bro who finishes very strong just 10 seconds after me!

I figured I might as well share some of those special moments from the race…

Applying Bullfrog eXtreme SportCondomheadsApplying the Bullfrog eXtreme Sport (left)

Someone thought it would be a good idea to put us in white caps… At a certain point, we figured out that we’re wearing condoms on our heads (right)

#2403 getting ready for action (left)

#2403 getting ready for action I'm somewhere in there

I’m somewhere in that mess of ocean, beach, and whiteheaded swimmers (right).

The swim was definitely the toughest part of the entire race for me. Even though I have a bad IT band that makes running a painful experience, swimming is my weakest area. It’s kinda like the ol’ shirt says, “I’d be a much better triathlete is swimming was as easy as your girlfriend.” I swear, I almost died out there in the water.

Heading out from the swim to bike transitionHow does this thing work?I couldn’t find my rhythm the whole while I was out there. The few times that I did… I’d end up getting kicked by someone. I really did enjoy the whole thing though!

The bike was my favorite part (left). I love the bike! Of course, I need to figure out how to reduce my transition times. Maybe it was because I was so confused about how to use my bike (right).

My Brother and SvenMy BFF and meIn the end, I got to show off my Sven triathlete suit and my lil brother and I both received finisher medals (left). BTW, the Bullfrog eXtreme Sport that I put on earlier in the day really worked! I’m really as pasty white as it shows in the pictures. I didn’t end up with a sunburn anywhere on me. Not even my nose (which is normally looking rudolph-ish this time of year).

After the long race and time under the sun. I got to kick back with my BFF (right), my brother and his woman. Good times for the people of Los Angeles!!!

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Those Damned Goggles & Selfish Righteousness

Eyeballs and swimming pools don’t mix. That’s why I’ve been wearing goggles during my triathlon training. However, there is only one thing worse than bare eyes in the water. It’s a pair of friggin goggles that leak!

My eyes are bloodshot now because the pair of TYR goggles I have don’t seal my eyes. They did when I first got them, but they don’t any more. Time for me to switch back to Barracudas. After all, it is Water Wednesday. Three sessions of water drills doesn’t just require goggles… I’m going to get prune hands

Blog coming soon… Selfish Righteousness. It’s a new term I’ve come up with after I’ve heard a few people tell me that babies have selfish intentions when they are crying at 2AM in the morning.