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End of Luck for BCS?

Has the lucky run of the BCS finally run out? While many argue in favor of the BCS (it’s still in place), it really is total garbage. Let’s just take a quick rundown of how the BCS ranked teams have done this bowl season. After all, these teams are theoretically better than other teams, right?

#16 BYU gets spanked by unranked (Pac-10) Arizona

#11 TCU eaked by #9 ranked Boise St

#21 Missouri is one of the few better ranked teams this season that is going to beat their lower/unranked team

#13 Oklahoma St was demolished by #17 Oregon (Pac-10) in the second half

#20 Pittsburgh loses 3-0 to unranked Oregon St (Pac-10)

#24 Boston College loses to unranked Vanderbilt

#14 Georgia Tech is completely humiliated by unranked LSU

#15 Georgia handedly beats #18 Michigan

#5 USC utterly destroyed #8 Penn St

#12 Cincinnati if destroyed by #19 Virginia Tech

Perhaps the most embarrassing BCS ranking blow out… #7 Texas Tech (who was in the run for the BCS champion game for a short while) is completely annihilated by #25 Ole Miss!

#4 Alabama is completely dominated by #6 ranked (and undefeated) Utah

Now, I’m not saying that Utah should be considered the top team in the country. However, they did show that BCS rankings mean practically nothing. In fact, just about every team that played a ranked team or better ranked team this bowl season has shown us that the BCS is a total farce. The Pac-10 (the only undefeated conference in bowl games this season) in particular helped expose the the BCS rankings.

There are just a few games left, but this bowl season has really shown the absolute worthlessness of the BCS rankings.

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Yet Another Reason BCS Ratings are Pointless

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: The BCS is worthless.

Yesterday showed once again that the BCS is completely worthless. There is no point other than to make people talk about how terrible a subjective system is in a definitive sport. Oklahoma slaughtered Texas Tech. It wasn’t even remotely close the entire game. I’m not saying Texas Tech is a bad team. They are a great team. They just got outplayed and out-coached by Oklahoma on Saturday.

The real question is why do we have a ranking system for a sport that is a win-or-lose sport? It’s not like these guys are figure skaters. Football is a game that you either win or lose (and sometimes tie). It’s like a race. You don’t see us rating Usain Bolt as #1 for any other reason than the fact that he holds the world record in the 100m dash, right? You win, you are top dog.

Yet, with college football, we seem to want a “national champion” so bad that we are going to sacrifice the quality of the competition. We’ve allowed the BCS to run the “national champion” rating system into nothing more than a joke. Occassionally they will get lucky a produce a good championship game (like Texas vs. USC) and keep the whole scam going.

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The (Dumb) Bill Parcel’s Dolphins

I was reading this article about the Dumb Dolphins today. I could help but laugh. First, when Tony Soprano… err, Sparano babbled forth his incoherent gibberish, I laughed. You’ll really have to read the article to see what I’m talking about. I couldn’t make any sense of it. The fact that Jason Cole, from Yahoo!, could make sense of it was amazing. Hats off too him!

Somehow, the Dullfins are making a great case for getting Jason Taylor less money… Well, at least that’s what Jason Cole is thinking. I’m sure there are others who are thinking that in the industry as well. The only problem is that Jason Taylor is exactly what the NFL and teams need. Rather than hiring thugs like some other teams, any team that picks up Jason Taylor will benefit tremendously.

Will Taylor go for less because of the intelligence lacking comments from the Dullfins? Not likely. Any team will benefit greatly from picking up Taylor. He’s worth more money because he’s not just a player in a football game. He’s a player in the game of the NFL.

The NFL is not only about football. It’s about honor, reputation, community, sportsmanship, and character. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to look no further than New Orleans two seasons ago.

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Really, So Much For That San Diego Eli Manning Trade

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a blog about what has now become a clear mistake by AJ Smith in his recruiting for San Diego. Like is always the case with professional sports, you have objective opinions and opinions of fans. My final sentence of the blog:

The ultimate smack to AJ Smith’s Eli deal would be for the Giants to win the Super Bowl.

The response…

Jason Fitzgerald: “Going to the Super Bowl from the NFC is NOTHING like going from the AFC these days. Get real…start writing if you can beat them in the Super Bowl…Fat Chance!”

Start writing? I’ll keep writing. This Sunday has shown once again that AJ Smith did a fair job with the hand he was dealt with Eli Manning not wanting to go to San Diego but got the short end of the stick. The top bid that NY put for Eli has shown to have been worth it for them, as he has now driven them to Super Bowl immortality. There is no 19-0, and New England will become just the second Super Bowl losing team anyone remembers (the other team being the 4 consecutive Super Bowl loser Buffalo Bills, who were back officed by AJ Smith, BTW).

Would Eli have been worth San Diego keeping? Absolutely not. AJ Smith would not have surrounded Eli Manning with an incredible defense and offensive players. Oh, and Eli ends up as Super Bowl 42 MVP.

This might just make the Patriots the only loser from Boston, since the Red Sox have already won, the Celtics are likely future champions, and Mitt Romney will possibly be on ballots in November.

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So much for that Manning Trade for San Diego

It was fun while it lasted for AJ Smith (the GM for the San Diego Chargers) and San Diego fans. Pick up three of your current top stars for an Eli Manning who didn’t want to play in San Diego. For years, it looked like a great deal. Philip Rivers appeared to be a quarterback on the rise. Shawn Merriman is one of the best in the game right now. To top it off, the Chargers were kicking the Giants and Eli Manning around every time they squared off against each other. Unfortunately, Eli and the Giants are having the last laugh all the way to the Super Bowl.

For years, San Diego looked like it had the better end of the deal. After all, one quarterback couldn’t possibly be as valuable as three Pro Bowl players, right? Well, if we use the Super Bowl as the measure of success in the NFL (which for some strange reason most people seem to do except for AJ Smith) then the Eli trade was one of the biggest mistakes the San Diego Chargers made this century. Sure, AJ Smith had years to talk about how great his decision was because Eli was struggling, and the Chargers were on the rise. But time has shown that AJ’s bet did not payoff.

The Chargers (and all the talent they picked up in the Eli trade) are not going to the Super Bowl, largely because of Rivers’ 2 interceptions and his inability to capitalize on three interceptions the Charger’s defense had against Tom Brady. On the other hand, Eli and the Giants are going to the Super Bowl. The ultimate smack to AJ Smith’s Eli deal would be for the Giants to win the Super Bowl.

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My Favorites of 2007

Nearly a week into 2008, and I am long overdue for a post. What better way than to recap my favorites of 2007:

Favorite blog on my blogroll: 800lb Gorilla

Favorite color: Powder blue from the San Diego Charger jerseys

Favorite day: Day before my birthday (My brother and I ran the LA Triathlon Sprint)

Favorite city: Many to choose from, but gotta love Chicago (even during February)

Favorite SkyMall gadget: Gotta love the Gravity Defyer Shoes

Favorite conspiracy theory: Tom Cruise was cloned by Xenu and the clone is the crazy one we’ve seen in recent years

Favorite book: If I Did It. Just kidding. The Seven Lost Secrets of Success. Joe Vitale has mastered success and is passing it along. That’s the way it should be!

Favorite moment at work: There are so many to choose from. While the Montel Williams show was interesting and The Talking Show was a first, neither of them is the top choice. Not quite the top either, the GBK Oscars Gift Suite was certainly enjoyable, as was the Scriptwriter’s Showcase. I even learned about how bad the strike would be months before it happened. Even though having Reggie Bush on the cover of the magazine was nice, that too was not my favorite moment. My favorite moment at work definitely has to be when I realized I had a great advertisement.

Favorite dance event: 2007 US Open. The Moorpark College Swing Dance Team received second place in their very first team competition at the US Open. I was one of the founding members of the college club at Moorpark, so it was particularly enjoyable to see them do so well in their first competition.

Favorite radio moment: When I was doing the Gadget Panel Radio show while on the road, heading to a Dodgers game. My phone cut out and Gadget Panelist Vadim was unable to get himself on the phone circuit. Great radio!

Favorite blog I didn’t write: The blog recapping my trip to New Zealand with the 20GB of pictures and photos I took while down under.

Favorite Movie: Ratatouille. The little ones teach us so much in life.

Favorite Website: Ext JS. The web’s future is so bright it’s gotta wear shades. My favorite demo is the desktop sample.  My nerd side is shining.

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Miami Supports Dolphin Tuna

Dolphin TunaThe city of Miami has thrown it’s support towards Tuna with Dolphin starting the 19th of December. Just before the most horrible fishing season in Miami history ends, local fisherman Wayne Huizenga finds himself catching the biggest tuna of all. “Let the feast begin,” said Huizenga after nabbing The Tuna.

Many environmetalists are outraged that the Dolphins of Miami, Florida are no longer safe from The Tuna catchers. A meeting of several environmentalist groups provided insight into how the groups were planning to protect the dolphins from The Tuna slaughter. “We’ve devised a method by which we will strap protective helmets to the heads of the DolphinsDolphin in order to protect them from the impending attack of The Tuna.” They even provided an illustration of what these protective devises might look like. Some say it might be too late from the one Dolphin known as Cam, but groups are watching intently to see how things unfold in this delicate environmental battle.