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FanBox Admits to Being a SPAMMER and Phisher

I’m feeling miscievious. After a friend of mine was phished by (now FanBox), I can’t help but spread the word of SPAMMER and Phisher FanBox. Their recent spurt in popularity is alarming. They have a slick interface and are suckering people in by the tens of thousands.

Don’t fall for your friend “Elizabeth” having a question for you. They got phished! Mark anything that comes into your inbox from FanBox as SPAM and report them to

FanBox is SPAM

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Fanbox is SPAM

Helping spread the word one SPAMMER and Phisher at a time…

I’ve been receiving emails from “people I know” that “have questions”, “want to share a picture”, etc. The links lead to a very elaborate phishing website: Despite all the really cool web 2.0 features, utilizing AJAX to make things look like a Windows desktop, make no mistake about it, Fanbox is SPAM. They will phish your password and SPAM your friends. There are a few other bloggers out there helping to spread the word. Please do the same.


Steve Riley

Spread the word to your friends on Myspace, Facebook, Hi5, where ever you network. Let’s get Fanbox to have to change their name again. They used to be, until they got ferreted out. Cheers!

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I’m 10x the Spartans

I feel honored, blessed, etc. Not only did I achieve 173 SPAMs yesterday, but I have now received 3,000 SPAMs in my Akismet net 😀

Since I started blogging late last year, I never thought I would achieve such a dubious honor. I truly am blessed with such a plethora of SPAM. With such a spectacular honor, I have created a whole new category just for SPAM! This way, I can write about SPAM I receive, the various types of SPAM. SPAM that might interest you. And maybe even the SPAM you can eat!

3000 SPAMs

This is particular exciting because my innovation blog, the Gadget Panel is quickly catching up to me in SPAM catches, with 1,255 Akismet SPAM catches in just 20 days! Very exciting 😛