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Vote Yes on Prop 8 and go to Hell

Yes, you read the title correctly. A Yes Vote on California’s Proposition 8 means you are going to hell.You might be thinking I got Proposition 8 wrong. After all, it is mostly “religious” people who are proponents of Proposition 8 here in California. However, these are mostly Christians lead astray by false leaders who are interested in power, control, and vanity.

These might seem like harsh words, but nothing is more harsh than the oppression of your fellow man, and the Bible makes it very clear that we should not oppress any other human, even ones we don’t understand or agree with.

Exodus 22:21
Thou shalt neither vex a stranger, nor oppress him: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.

Exodus 23:9
Also thou shalt not oppress a stranger: for ye know the heart of a stranger, seeing ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.

Those versus above might look and sound familiar. That is because they come from the long list of commandments from God that are frequently shortened to the top 10 list a la The 10 Commandments.

Exodus is perhaps the most straightforward of any book in the Bible. It makes it very clear what is wrong and what is right.

Oppression is clearly bad. But what is oppression?

The Bible isn’t designed like a dictionary. It doesn’t state what every word means. Wikipedia gives us a great explanation of oppression:

However, we can look at the dictionary definition of oppression:
unjust or cruel exercise of authority or power b: something that oppresses especially in being an unjust or excessive exercise of power

One might argue that by changing the constitution of California to limit who can and cannot be married, it would remove the unjust portion of this definition because justice (by definition) would be that only a man or a woman could be married. However, we are stuck with the cruel exercise of authority or power portion of the definition.

Humans limiting the civil rights of other humans is designed to inflict pain and grief, plain and simple. If you don’t want to let gays have Catholic weddings, that’s one thing. But limiting a civil marriage based upon any criteria other than being human is absurd.

Civil law in America is not religion dependent. Instead, American law is based upon the principle that all men are created equal (save the major slavery screwup written into our constitution).

Now, I’ve had Christian friends tell me that gay marriage must be stopped because the Bible clearly states we must protect our houses of worship. I agree. Your church can (and by any reasonable interpretation of the Bible, should) not allow gay marriage. But you are not worshiping the state of California are you? If you are, you have much bigger problems with God than you do with gay people.

Yes, the Bible states that homosexuality is an abomination and that a man laying with another man as he does with a woman is a sin. There is no surprise there. It is pretty clear that gay people are sinning (as are we all). So…

Will not allowing gay couples to marry rid them of their sin? No

Will not allowing gay couples to have the same civil rights as other couples rid them of their sin? No

Every Christian knows that there is One Way and ONLY One Way to be absolved of our sins. Christians should be focusing on spreading the word of God, not limiting civil rights of our fellow man. Our judgment and condemnation of another human here on Earth means absolutely nothing. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Null.

Christians need to remember that our faith without deeds or vice versa is pointless. Believing that we should “love thy neighbor as thyself” and turning around and saying that our gay neighbor can’t get married is false faith. Go read James 2.

Now, does a Yes vote on Proposition 8 get you into hell? That really depends on what God means by poor. I’m betting poor doesn’t just refer to money. Poverbs 14:31 makes it abundantly clear what it means to oppress the poor. In short, it is blasphemy. Done in the name of God, this is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, to which there is no forgiveness.

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Selfish Righteousness

I was at a church a while back and the pastor was talking about how selfish babies and children are as an example of the sinful nature of humans. He used the example of a baby crying for milk late at night to demonstrate how selfish babies are. Needless to say, I haven’t been back to that church since.

I’ll paraphrase my favorite quote:

May baby son is so selfish at night. He could be lying there in his crib thinking, “maybe I shouldn’t cry because mom and dad need to wake up early in the morning”. But instead, he’s selfish and starts crying, because that’s the nature of human beings. We are selfish.

The only thing selfish I saw was a supposed “man of God”, a very popular pastor in America, spouting out a bunch of selfish righteousness.

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What is Expelled?

Honestly, I hadn’t even heard about Ben Stein’s movie until I saw all the blogs showing up about it. So, I’ve read the blogs and I checked out the preview on the Expelled website. I suspect that one of the scientists who Ben is referring to as getting harassed by the scientific community is one of his friends. If I was in his position with his media connections, I would do the same thing.

Then I got to thinking… The debate between atheists and Christians is semantic. An oversimplified view of evolution is that we evolved from sludge. The Bible states that we were formed from dust. So which is it? Dust or sludge? No matter which side is right, we have more in common than we think. Plus, we’re all here together and we all will have the same ending: death.

Why not spend our time working together? Let’s say, “Hey! Thanks for your contribution to the betterment of society and the world. Thanks for being my partner is making life more enjoyable for generations to come and for helping feed the families of those less fortunate than us. BTW, I believe we came from [sludge]/[dust]  (circle one).”

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Those Damned Goggles & Selfish Righteousness

Eyeballs and swimming pools don’t mix. That’s why I’ve been wearing goggles during my triathlon training. However, there is only one thing worse than bare eyes in the water. It’s a pair of friggin goggles that leak!

My eyes are bloodshot now because the pair of TYR goggles I have don’t seal my eyes. They did when I first got them, but they don’t any more. Time for me to switch back to Barracudas. After all, it is Water Wednesday. Three sessions of water drills doesn’t just require goggles… I’m going to get prune hands

Blog coming soon… Selfish Righteousness. It’s a new term I’ve come up with after I’ve heard a few people tell me that babies have selfish intentions when they are crying at 2AM in the morning.

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The Path to God is Weakness

I haven’t been the most Godly person in the world. There was even a long period in my life when I didn’t believe there was any Creator. I could spend paragraph upon paragraph explaining the process by which I came to the following realization, but I don’t want to take away from what I realized tonight:

Embracing my strengths will give me confidence in myself and what I am capable of. Appreciating my weaknesses and shortcomings will give me confidence in God and what He is capable of. In my weaknesses, I find humility. I am humbled before my Creator AND my fellow man, and I find no shame in what I cannot do on my own. In my weaknesses, I can ask for guidance, help, and assistance.

This is why it can be difficult to find God. Who wants to travel a path paved with our weaknesses?

This is also why so many people find God when they hit bottom. When you hit bottom, there is nothing left. You are covered by your weaknesses. And God can truly deliver you from your weakness.

But we don’t have to hit bottom or dread our weaknesses. All we need to do is ask 😀

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Looking for inspiration?

I’m going to see NickVujicic this Sunday with some friends. I can’t wait to see him. If you ever thought you had it rough growing up… This guy will inspire you! Check out his website: He really is someone you have to see for yourself. Be sure to checkout one of his videos. This guy is totally cool!

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Christians Gone Wild…

‘Tis the season for some news about Christianity. I was reading an article on CNN about the son of Jim Bakker (remember that swindler?)

I saw an ad on the side of the page with the headline: Davidic Christianity Christian Polygamy. The text ad read: Davidic Christianity seeks to fulfill the prophecy of Amos 9: 11-12 by… Perhaps it was my red-blooded American curiosity that got me clicking. I mean, David was hooking it up.

Now, typically, I don’t blog, bulletin, or otherwise comment on material that I don’t want to promote. After all, all press is good press. On top of this, I suspect that the folks at House of David Ministries paid good money for their ad on CNN. I’m now giving them additional value for their spend on CNN. But the message they are trying to convey is of great importance.

The folks at House of David Ministries claim that they are trying to convey a message of God. Please, by all means, read the article they have crafted about Biblical Marriage. This is slick idea! Hell, if God supports polygamy, I’m all for it. Any man stupid enough to try to take on fulfilling the needs of more than one woman deserves what he’s going to get. Then again, the “Biblical” concept of marriage is the transfer of ownership of the bride from her father to her husband. So, I suppose that there’s not a whole lot of focus on fulfilling any of her needs when it comes to “Biblical” marriage.

My personal favorite is the Conclusions section. Honestly, this is a rather well written article. Yes, it is filled with authentic Biblical gibberish. Yes, it is entirely too long for anyone in their right mind to read in a single sitting. In fact, I encourage you to read it over several bathroom visits. There are plenty of Bible quotes that truly prove that either (1) polygamy is established through the word of God to be not just acceptable but honorable *OR* (2) parts of the Bible can be used to support any idea someone can come up with.

Read Conclusion #8. The first 8, please, not the second. At the time I wrote this, there were two 8’s. Will the House of David Ministries change it by the time you read this? I’m not sure. I suppose it depends on how many people waste their time reading my blogs 😀

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