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My First LOL Cat

I’ve been a HUGE fan of LOL Cat for a loooooooong time. I post them on people’s Myspace profiles and vote regularly. Today, my friend Ken dropped off page 90 of the latest SkyMall, and I had to make my own LOL Cat!!! And it ends up being a Ceiling cat at that!

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Today I received another question from a “member” on Fanbox (which I now refer to as SPAMbox). So, I search Google for: fanbox spam. At the time of this writing, I’m #4 on the list, but what cracks me up is the obvious seeding that SPAMbox has done on the web.

For example, take the posting they’ve done on the Office Tweaks blog. There is a comment there by a guy named “TJ Brown” that is an obvious seed for Fanbox.

I love FanBox! They have so many cool applications and features on their desktop! Their social network aspect rivals even MySpace and Facebook! I looked up the old stuff on, and who cares? It wasn’t even a big deal and they have since discontinued offering sms service. So stop crying and give the site a chance.

– TJ

Give me a friggin break! Sounds like he’s trying to sell me a used Pinto. Fanbox is SPAM, plain and simple. No other company out there sends me emails with “questions” from people I don’t know and “questions/invites” from people I do know. Fanbox will phish your password, SPAM your friends, and phish their passwords.

Fanbox is a scam. Every message I receive, I mark it as SPAM and post another blog to help spread the word. Judging by the number of posts I have about Fanbox, you can see that I’ve been SPAMMED a lot lately. Keep the emails coming, I’ll keep posting.

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Fanbox is SPAM

Helping spread the word one SPAMMER and Phisher at a time…

I’ve been receiving emails from “people I know” that “have questions”, “want to share a picture”, etc. The links lead to a very elaborate phishing website: Despite all the really cool web 2.0 features, utilizing AJAX to make things look like a Windows desktop, make no mistake about it, Fanbox is SPAM. They will phish your password and SPAM your friends. There are a few other bloggers out there helping to spread the word. Please do the same.


Steve Riley

Spread the word to your friends on Myspace, Facebook, Hi5, where ever you network. Let’s get Fanbox to have to change their name again. They used to be, until they got ferreted out. Cheers!

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Attorney Generals and Governors in Glass Houses…

Unless you just don’t read, watch, or listen to the news, you’ve heard about Lord Eliot Spitzer’s fall from grace. It really should be noted that he is yet another fraudulent pious leader. His crusade-like mentality on a myriad of cases as an Attorney General made him a lot of enemies. It also made him a number of allies and very politically powerful. I’m sure it’s a honest mistake to cheat on your wife while she’s at home working on making your living space eco-friendly. That must happen a lot.

Unfortunately for Eliot, one of the enemies he made as Attorney General was the entertainment industry. That’s a very costly enemy to have if you are a “squeaky clean” politician paying $80,000 for prostitutes. Couple that with all the other industries he went after and the political enemies he made as of late… you end up with the MySpace photo’s of his favorite mistress all over the news.

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Start Spreading the News…

It’s up to you New York
New Yooooooooooooooooooooooooooork

Just watched the Yankees beat the snot out of the Angels. Is it sacrilegious to root against the team from your hometown? Not when they are the Angels and you are watching your first game at Yankee Stadium. Had a nasty hot dog and a brew. Good times. I’ll have some videos posted of that and the Dodgers game I went to a while back.

Right now I’m just kicking it with my brother in our hotel room. We’re staying at the historic Waldorf Astoria on Park Avenue. I feel like a high roller, staying on Park Ave and all. We are literally right down the street from the Helmsley building.

Central Park is about .5 miles away. I think that’s where I’m going to do my triathlon running tomorrow. Gotta make sure I don’t turn into a fatty while I’m away from home. I also get the chance to checkout my myspace friend, Vince August at the Laugh Factory tomorrow night. You gotta love the Myspace!

Also, I think I figured out why people say that New York never sleeps. It is 12:39 at night right now and the trash trucks are picking up the trash from all the buildings around here. Judging by the smell of the Hudson River, they don’t take it very far before they dump it.

All kidding aside… I love New York. It is a beautiful city, and I don’t care what people say about the people here. They are good people.

And you should checkout the potholes here! Nothing like it in Los Angeles. You’re likely to lose a hubcap driving along the FDR. Also, I have discovered that GPS is strictly a west coast thing. I’ve tried using it in DC and New York… On both occasions, the directions have been completely off. The good side of it is that my brother and I have had the opportunity to drive through the projects in DC and New York in two consecutive months. I must also admit that the sweet symphony of the New York streets is unlike any other city. Both NYPD and FDNY synchronize their sirens to create this harmonious sound assuring you that you are indeed living in New York.

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How do I get to Paris from New York?

I received the following from a friend on Myspace

–Go to

–Click on Maps.

–Click on get Directions.

–From New York,New York

–To Paris,France.

–And read line # 23.

If you laugh then repost this (My friend Vadim really enjoyed line #24 as well)

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Vung Tau Vietnam Vet Rally

Originally posted on my Myspace blog

I love bikers. I love going to biker rallies. I am particularly fond of going to rallies that support our Vietnam Vets. The Vung Tau rally in Camarillo, CA is one of my favorites! This is my fifth one in six years. Here are a few video clips from this morning’s festivities!

First, things start with the T-Shirt Exchange. It’s pretty simple. I’ll explain. Guys hosting the event have collector’s edition T-shirts. Girls get them by exchanging their existing shirt for the collector’s edition while on stage. I don’t think I need to say any more about that one

So, you kinda got suckered into that one. You thought I was going to show some boobies!

Well, you can take a look at these bitches instead

Meanwhile, there was the weenie bite contest going on. Here’s how this works: (a) hot dog gets dipped in mustard, (b) guy gets on bike, (c) girl gets on back, (d) guy rides really slowly up to hot dog, (e) girl bits off as much of the hot dog as she can. What makes this funny (for those of you who don’t know much about motorcycles) is that motorcycles are very difficult to maneuvere when they going slow, let alone with a passanger on the back. Enjoy!

The Finals… Will Bubbles win?

Of course, there were also bikes at this rally!

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