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Support “The Region”

I just love Urban Dictionary! Just the other day, I was listening to a radio show on, and they were talking about side pieces and the jumpoff. They were using the two terms practically interchangeably, which is incorrect. To be sure, I did a search on Urban Dictionary, and one could argue that they are the same things, but there are very technical differences between a side piece and a side piece.

But this blog isn’t about side pieces or the jumpoff. It’s about another piece of slang that I wasn’t aware of at all until this Sunday. I had the co-founder of Single Tease (no, it’s not a porn site), Tamera Lawrence, on the show talking about her great T-shirts that help break the ice between people. You can listen to a piece of it on Words Cause.

During the interview, she mentioned that the chest area of a woman is referred to as “the region”.

I had no idea!

I asked some women at work if they knew about “the region”, and they were familiar with this term for their chest. I went to Urban Dictionary, and “the region” was only defined as Northwest Indiana. So, I added a new definition for “the region”:

Tasteful female slang for the area of their body containing their boobs
She wore a T-shirt with text printed above The Region

All of humanity needs your help! Check out the page for “the region” on Urban Dictionary and click on the thumbs-up for the new definition! It is currently the third definition listed.

Thanks for your support!

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Why calling someone fat is good but calling them overweight is not

WalrusWhat are we saying when we say someone is “fat”?
We are acknowledging that when we look at them we see fat, jiggles, rolls, chunk, blubber, etc. For instance, this Walrus pictured here that I’m leeching from He’s fat, is he not? That’s just what he is. Not like it is bad that he’s fat. He’s just fat. He’s got a lot of fat on his body. For all I know, the walrus could be a she, but let’s just pretend that it is a he for the sake of the fat conversation. So, we have a fat walrus here. We don’t say the walrus is overweight do we?

What are we saying when we say someone is overweight?
Well, we are essentially saying that there is a standard weight that someone (or some walrus) is supposed to be and that they are over that ideal weight. Now, how is this different than saying someone is fat? Saying someone is fat is making an observation (remember the fat walrus from Saying someone is overweight is actually passing a judgment upon that person that they are not the prescribed weight that they should be given their gender and height.

One might make the argument that calling someone overweight is merely making an observation that the person is over the weight for their given height and gender according to some standard outlined by some doctors in some country on some planet in some solar system in some galaxy in this universe. However, change doctors, country, planet, solar system, galaxy, or universe, and that same observation might not hold up. Also, I would then have to argue that unless you knew the exact weight, height (and gender) of the person you are judging as overweight, you really have no idea. They might just be extremely bloated!

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Listen to the Radio!

Listen LiveDon’t just read about gadgets. Call in and talk to me and other gadget enthusiasts during during our upcoming Gadget Panel Show.

Guaranteed to be entertaining, fun, and informative. You won’t want to miss our first show in a couple of Saturdays. Share the gadget experience!

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Springs with Shoes

lrg_spring_heels.jpgA friend of mine sent me the following image he found on the Modern Mechanix blog. He said it was like a pair of naked Gravity Defyer Shoes 😛

Apparently, this is from the September 1939 edition of Mechanix Illustrated. I couldn’t help but chuckle. These clumsy looking shoes were invented by some Swiss shoemaker who wanted to reduce the impact of everyday walking on our bodies.

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The Future of Ass Gasket Technology

We’ve all seen them. The dreaded toilet seats with graffiti on the seat and encrusted poop particles along the rim. The kind of toilets that we place 5 ass gaskets on just to make sure that the wet spots can no longer seep through the paper.

Here’s what we’ve all be waiting for. I saw this at LAX of all places. Proof that scientists really are working for the good of humanity!

YouTube – The World of Ass Gasket Technology

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