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If you Love your Mom

I’m sitting in my chair at my Team Management and Leadership Program Weekend on Sunday, and I hear the most profound thing I’ve ever heard:

If you really love your mother, buy HER flowers on YOUR birthday

I got to thinking… How many years have I been sitting here expecting my mom to get me this or do that for me? blah blah blah. My expectation from my mom is that she gives me something for recognition of her giving birth to me. WTF!

Now, I admit that I’ve had my ins and my outs with my mom. I’ve had plenty of complaints my whole life. Yet, if it wasn’t for my mom, I wouldn’t even be around to complain about her in the first place! I love my mom, and you can bet that she’s getting flowers on my birthday for the rest of my life.


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I Love Inglewood

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I was leaving my Team Management & Leadership classroom on Friday night when my friend Cecil asked me if I could give him a ride. I know what public transportation is like in Los Angeles. I used to travel via train and bus from my house to the OC 3-4 times a week several years ago. For those of you outside the Los Angeles area… Public transportation in Los Angeles is severely lacking.

Back to Cecil. I asked him where he needed to go. He says, I’m about 10 minutes down La Cienega in Inglewood. Now, if you are not familiar with Los Angeles, Inglewood ain’t exactly Beverly Hills. But hey, if The Dog Whisperer can make it in The Wood, why can’t I? Plus, the LA Center for Landmark is one block west of Inglewood, so I’m eating lunch there regularly.

We started driving down La Cienega and got to talking a little bit. He’s from Houston, and he came out here for music. He’s a singer and musician. He’s a really good guy, and he’s giving a lot of himself to make a difference for others.

I remembered back to the first time I met him. He had just started his Introduction Leaders Program at Landmark, and I was finishing mine up. We were assisting with setting up some of the rooms for the introductions. We made a good team with getting things together. Now, here I am driving him to his apartment and talking with him about his career ambitions and what difference he wants to make in the world.

Really cool guy. I told him that he better invite me to his church when he gets back into singing on Sundays. Hopefully, I’ll be making another trip to Inglewood in the near future.

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Put down the spam and step away from the email

It was just a few weeks ago that I first encountered the Spam Arrest Service. Today… I got a dose of it again. I was sending an email to a bunch of people on the Los Angeles team for the Team Management Leadership Program I am in at Landmark Education. There is a national classroom this weekend in Chicago, and I wanted to acknowledge all of them for the extraordinary people they have been over the last three months.

Particularly, I was pointing out that there is no coincidence between the recent Oprah show (which tapes in Chicago) covering “The Secret” and the arrive of about 700 people who are up to causing a world of peace that works for everyone. Furthermore, Rev. Beckwith and James Arthur Ray are invited back for another taping of Oprah this coming week.

I received an immediate reply from one of the people on the team. It was from Spam Arrest.

Spam Arrest – How it works – Step 1. Easy to Use

Very cool service. I must admit that I don’t use it myself, but for people who are getting spammed like crazy, it’s a great idea!

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The Web is an Ineffective Method of Communication

I love the conversations that people have about Internet communication. I’m in a team management leadership program right now. The entire program is based upon being in communication with others and creating a listening of others that empowers them. What I find interesting about the course is that participants have created a listening of Internet communication as ineffective. That is to say that in the realm of communication, most participants view communication via the web and email as ineffective.

I’ve had a number of conversations with people in the course and other people in my life about how they relate to Internet communication. One of my favorite quotes is, “If you really want to communicate with someone, verbal communication is the best way to go”.

There are a couple of errors in this statement. First, verbal communication essentially means communication with words. Modern definitions of verbal have twisted it into meaning oral communication as opposed to written communication. However, the true meaning of verbal is “of or pertaining to words”. Nothing in the original definition implies oral vs written.

The second problem with this statement is that it implies that one must speak with another person in order to be in communication. Now, what I find interesting about this is that written communication was invented specifically to make communication available to more people.

Written word has the ability to become timeless. Written word has the ability to make us and our communication live on forever. Where would we be is Shakespeare was only communicated through oral communication? Where would we be if the US Constitution was never written down but just communicated in oral conversation?

The moral of the story is that the web, being part of written communication, is a very powerful method of communication. You can gain interest from people in whatever you are up to through oral or written communication. The web and community websites (more about this later) are very effective methods of communication.

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Sharing is Caring

I’m flying to San Francisco this weekend for my Team Management & Leadership weekend, and I’m taking my laptop with me. I brought my laptop into work and Keen setup synergy2 on my laptop. I downloaded the app and set it up on my desktop. This is the coolest sh*t ever! Check out the synergy project page on

Essentially, I get to share my keyboard & mouse on my desktop at work with my laptop. Just checkout this sweet picture.

What’s cool is that I can still use either keyboard on my laptop. Not that I’d want to use my dinky laptop keyboard. Apparently, they have a version for UNIX! I’m going to marry my imac at home to my laptop. Yes, my laptop is now a mouse and keyboard polygamist.

Geek out with with your mouse out! I can set the laptop to either side of my desktop and just change the settings. For instance, you can now see that my laptop is above my pc at work!

Sure! It’s not the most stable setup, and I’m not sure my neck would be able to handle this for very long, but it’s still geeky cool.

The best feature is that each machine maintains its own work space. I can bust in my DVD of the 2004 US Open of Swing Dance DVD in my laptop whilst pretending like I’m actually getting work done on my desktop. The whole while, I don’t have to take my hands off my desktop’s keyboard or mouse. Friggin sweet dude!

Oh, and I almost forgot! I can also copy and paste between my two machines. For instance, remember the comment I made about my polygamist laptop? Well, I found that link to on my desktop and then just moved my mouse to the top of my screen and it popped up in my laptop screen. Then I pasted it into the URL box in my blog editor from flock. This is one of those days when I just love technology 😀

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You’re Fired

So, I get this frantic IM from one of the people on my team (see transcript below, names have been changed to protect the innocent):

BK: jared i need to talk to you
Jared Tracy: what are you doing?
BK: dude
BK: A* is giving me a hard time and treathing me
Jared Tracy: I need some sheet metal
Jared Tracy: threatening you?
Jared Tracy: how?
BK: she is telling me im going to lose my job if the phone system is not installed by monday
BK: when she doesn’t understand that htere was a delay
Jared Tracy: WTF
BK: becuase she fucken didn’t sign for 2 weeks
BK: and she changed the fucking agreement like 3 times
Jared Tracy: I’m going to talk with that b*

Please set aside your judgment of the grammar and spelling on the part of BK. Clearly, he was frustrated and upset with the circumstances in which he found himself. I ended up going into a conference room with A* and conversing with her about the situation. It was clear that this wasn’t going to solve the problem. Both BK and A* had different stories about the series of events that lead to BK’s IMing me.

Long story short… Communication was cleared up between BK and A*. They almost gave each other a hug at the end of the meeting. The workplace is a beautiful thing!