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Music and Movies and Voice Recording… OH MY!!!

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I had the Home Theater Watch at the 2007 GBK Oscar show. Like I mentioned in previous blogs, Billy Wirth, Shawn Hatosy, Joel Moore, and Warren G all loved the Home Theater Watch. It wasn’t a huge hit for the female celebrities, but there were plenty of women taking a look at the watch.

But this isn’t about the Oscars or celebrities. This is about my very own Home Theater Watch experience. Now, I’ll admit that I’m not much of a nerd. While I’m sure that my sister is laughing her butt off right now at that statement, I swear I’m not a nerd. Honestly! This watch is actually really cool.

Plug it into your MAC or PC. It uses a micro USB cable and is auto detected by both in my case. Although, be a lil’ careful with the MAC because its wide open folks! Don’t start deleting files that you *think* you don’t need. You probably do.

Anyway, getting back to the coolness of this watch. I was totally blown away by this cool product. It really is like Joel Moore said, “It’s like an iPod for your wrist.” Yet the Home Theater Watch also has the added coolness factor of being a watch. Something you wear on your wrist that tells time. I was sporting it at the office today, and people were all begging me to see what the watch can do. There are dozens or people who have written about the Home Theater Watch:

Gear Live had something to say
Luxist recommends it while you are standing in line while out and about even pointed out that you can watch a full length film or a couple of episodes of Prison Break
Coolest Gadgets pointed out the usefulness during a traffic jam
Wrist Dreams… Well, I’m not sure what to make about their name to be honest with you -P
Book of Joe wants the manufacturer to promise “Your friends and family will be eager to spend time with you….”. How do you become the most popular blogging anesthesiologist? I’m sure that the first step is to start blogging
So, everyone at work is following me around…

Does it play movies? Yep!

Does it play music? Yep!

Does it have a voice recorder? Uh…

I didn’t even realize this until after I had shot the video. See and hear the Home Theater Watch video I posted on youtube.

So, when the controller came by my office to tell me that one of my biggest marketing channels had posted a FAT profit for Q1, I was excited because I had it all on audio. I was testing the recording feature when she came by, so I’m not going to make a practice out of recording conversations, but it just kinda happened. Hopefully the FBI will make note of that when they scan this website and let me slide -D

And, BTW. At the time I wrote this blog, there was a 5 question survey on that claims you can enter to win a Home Theater Watch. I don’t know the details or if there is a deadline, but this watch is worth giving it a shot. I’ll take another one!

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The Last of the Ticket Buyers

It’s not quite the same as the Last Samurai or Last of the Mohicans. Yet, I feel as important as Tom Cruise and Daniel Day Lewis. This afternoon, I purchased the final ticket for the US Open Swing Dance Championships this Thanksgiving weekend! Yes, the very last ticket available. Now, I know that there have been some tickets floating around the Internet, and there were rumors that Sonny Watson had some, and then it was Jack Smith. I followed those leads, and those tickets were gone too!

Sure, I don’t have the best seats in the house. In fact, it looks like I have one of the worst seats in the house. I’m on the right side, front row. You might be thinking, “First row is great!” Just looking at the seating chart, I’m not so sure about it. Still! I’ve got a friggin ticket! This means that I get to see all the great performances by the Super Stars of swing. I wonder if So You Think You Can Dance Season Two winner, Benji Schwimmer, will be there?

Of course, there are also the myriad of workshops available to Platinum ticket holders such as myself. Workshops with swing dance greats such as Mary Ann Nunez, Robert Royston, Jordan & Tatiana, and Parker & Jessica. Then there are all the crazy competitions and all the open dancing. The schedule is packed full of great dancers. Now, I just need to get myself a hotel room.

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Wal-Mart is bringing Xmas Back

Sung to the tune of Justin Timberlake‘s Sexy back. Lyrics taken from

Inspired by Newsvine – Christmas Returns to Wal-Mart Marketing

I’m bringin‘ Xmas back
Them other stores don’t know how to act
I think it’s special, prices on roll back
So buy the Zune and music download value-pack
Timberland:(Take it to the register)
Dirty Babe
You see these savings baby I’m your slave
Buy some toys for those who don’t misbehave
And don’t forget that minimum wage is all we pay
Timberland:( take it to the chorus)
Timberland: Come here kids (Go head be bold with it)
Come to the back (Go head be bold with it)
DVDs (Go head be bold with it)
Grab your PS3 (Go head be bold with it)
Lemme see your grandmas sewing kit (Go head be bold with it)
Eat some Tatter chips (Go head be bold with it)

You make me smile (Go head be bold with it)
Go ‘head child (Go head be bold with it)
Timberland:And get your Xmas on
(Go head be bold with it) x8
I’m bringin‘ Xmas back
Them other stores don’t know how to act
Kids let me make up for the toys you lack
Because you’re R/C car will go real fast
Timberland:(Take it to the bridge)
Timberland:( take it to the chorus)
u ready?
U ready?
U ready?
I’m bringin‘ Xmas back
you monster truckers watch how I attack
If that’s your cart, better watch your back
Cuz we’re stocking up and that’s a fact
Timberland: (Take it to the chorus)

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