Attorney Generals and Governors in Glass Houses…

Unless you just don’t read, watch, or listen to the news, you’ve heard about Lord Eliot Spitzer’s fall from grace. It really should be noted that he is yet another fraudulent pious leader. His crusade-like mentality on a myriad of cases as an Attorney General made him a lot of enemies. It also made him a number of allies and very politically powerful. I’m sure it’s a honest mistake to cheat on your wife while she’s at home working on making your living space eco-friendly. That must happen a lot.

Unfortunately for Eliot, one of the enemies he made as Attorney General was the entertainment industry. That’s a very costly enemy to have if you are a “squeaky clean” politician paying $80,000 for prostitutes. Couple that with all the other industries he went after and the political enemies he made as of late… you end up with the MySpace photo’s of his favorite mistress all over the news.


Jamal Anderson Kicked off MTV Celebrity Rap Superstar

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me, Jamal Anderson, Josh Ready, MonicaI’m sitting there watching TV tonight, relaxing. It’s been a great week. Gadgets everywhere. Gravity Defyer Shoes helping make a difference in the lives of people who are less fortunate… It’s been a good week. I flip it to MTV because their show Celebrity Rap Superstar is on. This show is hilarious. If you haven’t seen it, you definitely need to check it out. Our pal Perez Hilton is on there, but the best part of the whole show is Kendra. For those of you who are like me, you just can’t get enough Kendra on Girls Next Door. MTV’s Celebrity Rap Superstar will give you that extra Kendra fix for the week.

I started watching the show right in the middle, so I wasn’t sure what happened with my boy Jamal Anderson. Then I hear that he and Pedro are on the chopping block. I saw last week. Pedro sucked! There’s no way that Jamal is going home… Well, guess I was wrong. People just keep voting for Pedro. I can’t imagine that Pedro is going to make it through next week. He was horrible this week as well.

What does this have to do with gadgets? Well, I met Jamal at the Michael Strahan Celebrity Golf Tournament in New York earlier this year. He’s a great guy. And he happens to love gadgets. Oh well, Jamal is out. Pedro is in. And I’m taking my Spare Pocket to the LA Triathlon this weekend.

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The talKing Show: Christine Beatboxes

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Christine Eads is the host of a new variety television talkshow: The talKing Show. In this clip, she talks with the show’s DJ D.J. about American Idol, Blake Lewis, and beatboxing. She even tries out some beatboxing herself. She should stick to her day job with hosting her XM Radio show Broadminded and The talKing Show. I don’t think we’ll be seeing her on American Idol any time soon 😛

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Maxim Grabs Their (Fire)crotch

PhotoLohan tops Maxim’s Hot 100 but Britney, Paris miss | Lifestyle | Reuters

The folks at Maxim are BRILLIANT. Pick someone who is clearly NOT the hottest woman in Hollywood. Everyone will be say, “WTF! That’s ridiculous!” Great way to build buzz.

And the jokes will be rolling in. For example, my friend Keen (who no longer has his dang blog) pondered, “I wonder just how colorful her spread is.”

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Alanis Morissette and Black Eyed Peas equals FUNNY

A friend of mine at work forwarded me the following video from Alanis Morissette on youtube:

This has got to be one of the funniest videos I’ve seen in a long time. In one way it reminds me of the scene in “Blades of Glory” where Will Ferrell is singing “My Humps” and Napoleon Dynamite asks him what that song even means.

What is great about this is that it not only shows that Alanis Morissette has a good sense of humor but also that the Black Eyed Peas have a good sense of humor, since Alanis had to have gotten their permission beforehand. Excellent, funny, I’m rolling on the ground 😛 Weird Al doesn’t even need to spoof this song.
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Music and Movies and Voice Recording… OH MY!!!

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I had the Home Theater Watch at the 2007 GBK Oscar show. Like I mentioned in previous blogs, Billy Wirth, Shawn Hatosy, Joel Moore, and Warren G all loved the Home Theater Watch. It wasn’t a huge hit for the female celebrities, but there were plenty of women taking a look at the watch.

But this isn’t about the Oscars or celebrities. This is about my very own Home Theater Watch experience. Now, I’ll admit that I’m not much of a nerd. While I’m sure that my sister is laughing her butt off right now at that statement, I swear I’m not a nerd. Honestly! This watch is actually really cool.

Plug it into your MAC or PC. It uses a micro USB cable and is auto detected by both in my case. Although, be a lil’ careful with the MAC because its wide open folks! Don’t start deleting files that you *think* you don’t need. You probably do.

Anyway, getting back to the coolness of this watch. I was totally blown away by this cool product. It really is like Joel Moore said, “It’s like an iPod for your wrist.” Yet the Home Theater Watch also has the added coolness factor of being a watch. Something you wear on your wrist that tells time. I was sporting it at the office today, and people were all begging me to see what the watch can do. There are dozens or people who have written about the Home Theater Watch:

Gear Live had something to say
Luxist recommends it while you are standing in line while out and about even pointed out that you can watch a full length film or a couple of episodes of Prison Break
Coolest Gadgets pointed out the usefulness during a traffic jam
Wrist Dreams… Well, I’m not sure what to make about their name to be honest with you -P
Book of Joe wants the manufacturer to promise “Your friends and family will be eager to spend time with you….”. How do you become the most popular blogging anesthesiologist? I’m sure that the first step is to start blogging
So, everyone at work is following me around…

Does it play movies? Yep!

Does it play music? Yep!

Does it have a voice recorder? Uh…

I didn’t even realize this until after I had shot the video. See and hear the Home Theater Watch video I posted on youtube.

So, when the controller came by my office to tell me that one of my biggest marketing channels had posted a FAT profit for Q1, I was excited because I had it all on audio. I was testing the recording feature when she came by, so I’m not going to make a practice out of recording conversations, but it just kinda happened. Hopefully the FBI will make note of that when they scan this website and let me slide -D

And, BTW. At the time I wrote this blog, there was a 5 question survey on that claims you can enter to win a Home Theater Watch. I don’t know the details or if there is a deadline, but this watch is worth giving it a shot. I’ll take another one!

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Vung Tau Vietnam Vet Rally

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I love bikers. I love going to biker rallies. I am particularly fond of going to rallies that support our Vietnam Vets. The Vung Tau rally in Camarillo, CA is one of my favorites! This is my fifth one in six years. Here are a few video clips from this morning’s festivities!

First, things start with the T-Shirt Exchange. It’s pretty simple. I’ll explain. Guys hosting the event have collector’s edition T-shirts. Girls get them by exchanging their existing shirt for the collector’s edition while on stage. I don’t think I need to say any more about that one

So, you kinda got suckered into that one. You thought I was going to show some boobies!

Well, you can take a look at these bitches instead

Meanwhile, there was the weenie bite contest going on. Here’s how this works: (a) hot dog gets dipped in mustard, (b) guy gets on bike, (c) girl gets on back, (d) guy rides really slowly up to hot dog, (e) girl bits off as much of the hot dog as she can. What makes this funny (for those of you who don’t know much about motorcycles) is that motorcycles are very difficult to maneuvere when they going slow, let alone with a passanger on the back. Enjoy!

The Finals… Will Bubbles win?

Of course, there were also bikes at this rally!

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Truly Wireless Speakers?

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Yes, you really could juggle these speakers…

These are the Podz speakers, available from Brookstone. Rechargeable, wireless speakers. My only complaint is that they are 900 MHz, which means that the range is not the best in the world. Remember the original wireless phones that worked in most of the house, but not all of the house? Yep, kinda like that. They work great throughout most of my house, but there are certain areas that are just not so good. The speakers make a loud popping noise when they get too far away from the base. Over all, these are really good speakers and TONS or fun. Plus, they look really cool!

Recharging is a snap. Just place the speaker on top of the charging unit, and it is good to go. You don’t even need to make sure anything lines up. The metal charging pads just need to touch the metal portion of the charger. You can rotate the speaker around on the charger all you want. Fun stuff.

Something I’d love to see in the next version (besides the better range) will be to have a wireless remote to control the sound of the speakers. Right now, I need to visit each speaker to adjust the volume. Not good for a lazy guy like me. I know these are going to be a great hit at my next party!
Oh, one other really neat benefit to this product is that you can hook up a bazillion of them to the same transmitter. The transmitter gets set to a channel (you have three options) and then you set the speakers to the same channel. Obviously, if your neighbors get a set, you might have some problems 😦 However, in theory, since the transmitter is just broadcasting, you would buy 50 of these things and have a speaker every couple of feet in your house. Talk about surround sound!

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Vadim is a “Gifted” Drummer

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I spent a little bit of time with my friend Vadim this Saturday. I pulled out my PMP (Personal Media Player) that I purchased from the deal-a-day website StrongIdea. This thing has been half way around the world and back. I took it on my trip to New Zealand last September. I’ve taken it to a couple of other spots. This PMP has seen a lot in the world!

But nothing could prepare it (or me) for this prime time with Vadim and the Digital Drum set I purchased for my nephew last Christmas. I liked it so much that I had to get one for myself. Now, Vadim gets his first crack at being a virtual Tommy Lee. Enjoy…

I don’t think Tommy has anything to be worried about. If you want a deal on one, visit Gadget Universe and place the order with the source code EM070118. And if you couldn’t bare to watch the video through to the end, you missed all the cool features of the item, such as a metronome, learning feature with flashing lights, different songs, changing the tempo, foot pedals, different rhythms, reverbs, and more. So, go back and watch the video all they way through again 😀

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Addicted to video?

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Shawn Hatosy with the Home Theater WatchI’m not sure if he’s going to be watching himself in Alpha Dog, but Shawn Hatosy was very delighted to pick up a Mp3/4 Player Watch at the GBK Oscar Gift Suite this year. He actually picked up the very last one at the charity gift event.

Billy Wirth with the Home Theater Watch

He wasn’t the only celebrity who couldn’t keeps his eyes off of the watch that is like an iPod for your wrist. Billy Wirth (who’s been in many things since The Lost Boys) had to have one before he left the room.

Danielle Fishel at GBK Oscar Event photo by Mathew ImagingJoel Moore, from Dodgeball and the upcoming Hottie and the Nottie (starring my favorite mind reader, Christine Lakin), snagged one before it was too late. After my failed attempt to get him to flirt with a girl in the room while his girlfriend listened to the whole thing in the other room on remote recording device, he had to see what other goodies were available. The MP3/4 Player Watch jumped out at him. In fact, he was the one who said, “It’s like an iPod on your wrist!”

I was going to give one to Danielle Fishel from the Tyra Banks so, but she was in and out of there in a flash! It’s those crazy doggie boom boxes that fetched all the attention. Maybe next time 🙂

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