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Whistler's Crasher Squirrel

Whistler's Crasher Squirrel


I was joking around about being a redneck model for a new pair of binoculars by Spion. I’ve got my fishing jacket. I’ve got my red Snap-on baseball cap. I’ve got my… Ladybug?

Ladybugs Love Me

I’ve been a HUGE fan of LOL Cat for a loooooooong time. I post them on people’s Myspace profiles and vote regularly. Today, my friend Ken dropped off page 90 of the latest SkyMall, and I had to make my own LOL Cat!!! And it ends up being a Ceiling cat at that!

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Remember in the Terminator and Matrix, how the machines turned on us humans? The machines gained awareness and started to revolt against us? It is starting to happen. The cranes are leading the charge! It’s almost like provoking the lead of a herd. Everyone will follow suit. If we hear of another crane revolting, we know what’s up. At least we haven’t been overrun by damned dirty apes!

I’ve got an Easy Button on my desk at work, and I think I might just need to upgrade soon:

They even have something to help make sure people can avoid your gassidents (gas accidents):

Fart Alert Barricade

I was sitting there watching Fox News the other day. They had the Republican candidates on, discussing various political issues. It was the first time I had really spent paying any attention to presidential politics so far this campaign. As I’m watching Mitt Romney, there is an unsettling feeling starting to well up in my stomach.

It suddenly hit me. Remember this movie?
Greg Stillson

That is a still of Greg Stillson from the 1983 film based upon the Stephen King book, The Dead Zone. And that is what got me thinking about a certain candidate from New England.

In a stark blow to the Holy Roman Catholic Church, experts in Internet technology have concluded that the World is not the center of the World Wide Web. In fact, scientists now suggest that Sun is the center of the Internet! Experts were also quick to announce that MySQL was not going to hire Bill Parcels as the General Manager.

I wonder if all of this is going to mean that my GoDaddy PHP sites are going to run a little faster now!

Dolphin TunaThe city of Miami has thrown it’s support towards Tuna with Dolphin starting the 19th of December. Just before the most horrible fishing season in Miami history ends, local fisherman Wayne Huizenga finds himself catching the biggest tuna of all. “Let the feast begin,” said Huizenga after nabbing The Tuna.

Many environmetalists are outraged that the Dolphins of Miami, Florida are no longer safe from The Tuna catchers. A meeting of several environmentalist groups provided insight into how the groups were planning to protect the dolphins from The Tuna slaughter. “We’ve devised a method by which we will strap protective helmets to the heads of the DolphinsDolphin in order to protect them from the impending attack of The Tuna.” They even provided an illustration of what these protective devises might look like. Some say it might be too late from the one Dolphin known as Cam, but groups are watching intently to see how things unfold in this delicate environmental battle.

After suffering from a near NFL record of 12 sacks in a single game, the State of Pennsylvania forced Donovan McNabb of the Philadelphia Eagles to change his name to Mr. Potato. “I’ve only had to worry about my own sack. I can only imagine what it would be like to have to worry about 12 sacks,” exclaimed Donovan’s new Neighbor Mr. Potato. The US Postal Service is having a few problems with the new Philadelphia neighbors. Having Mr. Potato next to Mr. Potatohead has caused a bit of confusion with the mail delivery, prompting Mr. Potato (the athlete formerly known as Donovan McNabb) to mistakingly cancel Mr. Potatohead’s subscriptions to Hotcakes and Round & Brown: Idaho Style.

William Shatner and Michael StrahanThere seems to be a growing trend with celebrities getting shortened versions of their name preceded by “The”. For example, “The Donald“, “The Hoff“.

Some celebrities don’t have the word “The” placed before their name. The best example is every man’s hero: Hef.

For Hef, this works. For The Donald, this works. Even for David Hasselhoff, this works. After all, we all know that Germans love David Hasselhoff. However, this would not work for one of my favorite celebrities: William Shatner. The Shat… Not really what I think the legendary Mr. Shatner is best represented by

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