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This week on Gadget Panel Radio

We’ll be talking gadgets and sports this week with a guy who knows almost nothing about sports, Gadget Panelist Vadim K. Who better to talk to about baseball, the NBA and NHL playoff, and the upcoming football season than the guy who doesn’t even know if the Dodgers are a baseball team or a basketball team!

All kidding aside, we’ll also be talking about what is going on in the world of the gadget and innovation catalogs. Why is Donald Trump on the cover of The Sharper Image catalog? Why does Gadget Universe keep showing the same guy on the cover of every single catalog this year? And what happened to that Richard Thalheimer guy? Listen in at!

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The T-Shirt that launched 1,000 blogs!

ATTENTION BLOG LOVERS! Geek it up from the folks at My coworker myspaced me a link to this product. It’s time to get White and Nerdy. Like the T-Shirt says, “I’m blogging this.” Pass it on!

ThinkGeek :: I’m blogging this.