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Bruce Vilanch watched the video where Kobe Bryant jumps over an Aston Martin. He figured that he could do the same thing with his new Gravity Defyer Shoes

A friend of mine sent me this from BootLeg Betty.


I was joking around about being a redneck model for a new pair of binoculars by Spion. I’ve got my fishing jacket. I’ve got my red Snap-on baseball cap. I’ve got my… Ladybug?

Ladybugs Love Me

I’ve been a HUGE fan of LOL Cat for a loooooooong time. I post them on people’s Myspace profiles and vote regularly. Today, my friend Ken dropped off page 90 of the latest SkyMall, and I had to make my own LOL Cat!!! And it ends up being a Ceiling cat at that!

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Politics haven’t exactly had a whole lot of sex appeal. But that’s all changing as Sexy Politics. Enjoy!

A little geek humor and artistry by my friend Ken at work:

Ctrl + Alt + Del (Taco)


Anyone who says the Bush stimulus package of a $600 tax rebate is not going to stimulate the US Economy hasn’t been watching The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch. I’ve seen more millionaires made from $600 or less on that show than I ever thought was possible. The moral of the story: Your wealth is what you make of it.

Every time I watch that show, I’m completely inspired. Regular people making it big because they had a dream that they pursued. My favorite episode was a few days ago. I can’t remember the guy’s name, but there was a venture capitalist on the show who said that the “side job” never becomes the next million dollar idea. Got me thinking about how many “side jobs” I’ve had over the years. None of them took off. Watching the show, I see nearly all of the stories have something in come: they quit their job went after the dream.

What dream is worth dreaming but not pursuing? Time to take the plunge. Grab that $600 tax rebate and do something with it!

Any of us who use Windows (you know who you are by the sucker written on your forehead), have seen the “You have unused icons on your desktop” message pop up from time to time. But most of our screens are not displayed on a screen the size of a 10 story building like this guy:

You have unused icons on your desktop

I kinda wish I had stuck around to see them clean the desktop 😛

After suffering from a near NFL record of 12 sacks in a single game, the State of Pennsylvania forced Donovan McNabb of the Philadelphia Eagles to change his name to Mr. Potato. “I’ve only had to worry about my own sack. I can only imagine what it would be like to have to worry about 12 sacks,” exclaimed Donovan’s new Neighbor Mr. Potato. The US Postal Service is having a few problems with the new Philadelphia neighbors. Having Mr. Potato next to Mr. Potatohead has caused a bit of confusion with the mail delivery, prompting Mr. Potato (the athlete formerly known as Donovan McNabb) to mistakingly cancel Mr. Potatohead’s subscriptions to Hotcakes and Round & Brown: Idaho Style.

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A couple of Friday’s ago, I was at an event in Inglewood. It was an event for the Stephanie Starks HOPE Foundation and their Read for Hope program. My buddy Vadim and I loaded up my car with three giant R/C racecars from Gadget Universe and his car with one of them, and we headed down to LAX Hyundai.

We had the wrong address in my GPS to start with, so Vadim and I ended up down at the ocean. We called up the dealership and realized we had passed it right when we had gotten off the freeway. We made our way back to the dealership, unloaded the cars, and enjoyed the show.

Big Leroy Mobley was there along with Rudy Youngblood (from Apacalypto) and Daniel Curtis Lee and Rachel Sibner (from Nickelodeon’s Ned’s Declassified). I’ll write more about Ned’s Declassified in another blog. Dan and Rachel were totally cool, and the kids LOVED THEM!

Rudy Youngblood and BIG Leroy MobleyRudy did a really cool tribal dance. I wish I had recorded some of it on my cell phone. He had the whole tribal getup on (it has been passed from generation to generation through his family), and the kids loved it. The funniest part was when he sat down with the kids and he was talking with them. A couple of times he said “Berdi niiice”. I thought to myself, “Self, that’s rather interesting. I’ve heard that before, but I can’t remember where.”

BIG Leroy MobleyFriggin Borat, man! I say that at work all the time. Berdi niiice. -D Anyway, everything was going great until Youngblood and Mobley tried to jack the racecars! I kid. I kid. Everyone was a great sport. Rudy and Leroy were two of the coolest guys I’ve ever met in Hollywood.

The cars really brought out the kid in everyone. The kids that won the cars had a great time. They could hardly believe they had just won a car that was as big as they are!

Rudy and Leroy were very excited about getting their hands on one of these cars too. Take a look at the image… These things are HUGE!!! And fast too!

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Imagine you are at a dance club about ready to go home. You are putting your shoes back on. Yes, it’s a real dance club, not some place where you have drunken dry humps on the dance floor to techno music. A hot blonde MILF that you’ve danced with comes up and asks you to walk her to her car.

Now, if you are me, your first thought might be about the beautiful babies you spent time with while in NYC this last weekend and think that God must really be smiling upon you. After all, waking up alive in Rockefeller Plaza at 5AM on a Sunday morning is not the norm for New York. But I digress.

So, I’m sitting there thinking that the MILF can’t seriously be hitting on me. I mean, 20 minutes ago I was asking her about her kids and how long she’s been married. Then she informs me that the guy sitting at the bar had been checking her out all night long and she was a little nervous. I look over and there is no one sitting at the bar. I take another glance.

Clearly a not so distant relative of Jeffrey Dahmer. This guy score a 1600 on the creepy freak SAT. A friggin’ 6.0 in the Winter Creeplympics. A 10.0 on the Creepter Scale. In fact, I just looked up freak ass creepo on wikipedia and his picture showed up in one of the asides.

You get the point, right? We’re talking Captain Creeparoo here. So, I realize that it is my civic duty to walk the hot blonde MILF to her car and make every effort to not hit on her. I kid. I kid! She’s married with kids! I would at least find out if she’s getting a divorce first.

All joking aside… I’m walking out of the building with her, and she turns to me and apologizes, saying that she’s sorry because many of the people in the joint thought that she was picking up on me. Score! I mean, having it look like Mrs. Robinson was picking up on me will definitely score me some points with the college kids when I go back there next week 😀