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Famed puppy killer, David Motari, got a job working as a New York Street Sweeper and was put to work immediately. Unfortunately, he was back to his puppy killing ways as he sucked up a puppy into the street sweeper, killing it, and then driving another 2 1/2 blocks before stopping.


My dog still wants to know if he can has cheezburger?

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moar funny pictures

I was joking around about being a redneck model for a new pair of binoculars by Spion. I’ve got my fishing jacket. I’ve got my red Snap-on baseball cap. I’ve got my… Ladybug?

Ladybugs Love Me

I’ve been a HUGE fan of LOL Cat for a loooooooong time. I post them on people’s Myspace profiles and vote regularly. Today, my friend Ken dropped off page 90 of the latest SkyMall, and I had to make my own LOL Cat!!! And it ends up being a Ceiling cat at that!

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Its been a week since the fires here in the Los Angeles area. I went home this weekend to spend some time with my nephew and take him to a pumpkin patch. I spent some time at my parents’ house, surveying the fire damage. Their house was fine. The yard was burn, but the house was fine. Other houses down the street were not so fortunate. I saw a few houses that were just completely burned. Nothing was left but the remains of their cars in the garage.

When I got home, I let me dogs in for some dog crack time. That smell. That horrid smell of burnt brush… It lingered around the door. I closed the door and gave my dogs some dog crack. They immediately lied down in the hallway and began to chomp away.

A few minutes later, I’m doing my P90X in my living room. I smell that horrid smell of burnt brush. No open doors. No open windows. Then I realize: my dogs have been outside for a good portion of the last couple of weeks. They’ve been wallowing around in ash and dust from the fires the whole time. UGH! Time for a dog bath.

Suddenly! I’m woken by my crazed dog!!! He’s right in my face, turning about, licking my arm and my face. Obviously, he needs to take a dump or pee on something outside. I get up from the coach… yes, it’s Sunday afternoon, so I’m sleeping on the coach after my 1 hour bike ride this afternoon.

I ask him, “You wanna go outside?”

He’s completely excited and goes running down the hall. At this point, I’m thinking that my dog is a little on the retarded side. After all, he should know after 5 years in the same house that when he goes outside, he goes through the kitchen. Nonetheless, I follow him down the hall.

He’s standing in the middle of the hall, so I figure he’s waiting for me to follow him. I start walking down the hall, but he doesn’t move. I tell him to move. He still won’t move. He’s just sitting there staring at the toilet.

Now, here is the part where you can either think that I am a genius for figuring this out or my dog is a genius for communicating to me that he’s thirsty. See, he never gets to drink from the toilet. If by some odd circumstance the lid is left off the toilet he won’t drink from it. He gets in trouble. Yet, somehow Granite the Einstein DOG figure out that if he points to a tub of water that he’s not allowed to drink out of, I’ll know that he’s friggin thirsty.

So I take him and Latte outside and give them fresh water.


So, why does Time Warner Cable suck? Because I had no Internet access since 1 o’clock on Sunday morning until now.

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