Why Apple Isn’t a Legit Hardware For the International Business Traveler

I have very little love for Apple and their products. One thing is certain: they will never have my business when it comes to technology I travel with. As I sit here in a hotel room that doesn’t have wifi, I can’t help but think of how writing this blog wouldn’t be possible if I were a Mac guy. Sure, I could use the single USB port on an Air, but then I wouldn’t be able to charge my cellphone and extended battery pack at the same time. And in cases like this trip where I forgot to bring the wall charger with USB port, that’s an important thing.

I’ve been in hotels all around the world. The majority of them don’t have wifi, so I’d be carrying around a brick if I were a Mac guy. Maybe for some, this isn’t a problem but I prefer access to my work, cloud, etc. everywhere I go. That’s just not realistic with Apple. I’m sure they have some extra wifi hotspot I could plug into an Ethernet connector if I want to if I wanted to pay them an additional $100.


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