Why Trolling the Internet Can Be Fun

A lot of times, people take themselves too serious in life and on the Internet. Posting a solid troll will often get people riled and create some good content. Sometimes, you can get some solid ignorant responses with a good trolling. I’ve had all sorts of insults, names, threats thrown at me whilst trolling. That’s ultimately the point of trolling.

Beating a dead horse with some trolling is great. The un-trolling troll is another great one. The ultra conservative will always get people going!

Every once in awhile some jerk will be wise to the my trolling and call me out on it. It’s a bit of a bummer, but with so much around the Interwebs, there’s always something new to troll! Will a public declaration of trolling increase my risk of being called out as a troll? I doubt it. Most people don’t Google search trolls because they’re so focused on their retort. Plus, who knows if I’m trolling as me or someone else.


  1. anna

    Hell yeah! Well, I´m a troll, but I´m being sincere right now. Totally agree with you about people taking themselves too seriously, specially our internet ultra cool and interesting photoshopped selves. Many people look trolls as attention seekers with self-image problems. Even if it was true, that´s also, clearly, the issue with those millions of people taking themselves way too seriously and trying too hard to get attention with contless hours of egocentric internet use. I would try to make a clear statment or a point about my perspective while trolling, but no, I think is just fun.

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