How to Hire Office Workers

Hiring office workers can be a bear! So, I have developed a simplified screening process…

  1. Post a job requesting that they specifically send you their resume in PDF format only (delete all other submissions)
  2. Pre-screening: If they have a Yahoo or Hotmail email account… (No interview)

By this time, you’ll have about 500 submissions and only 50 to spend more time on.

First interview question: What are the keyboard shortcuts for cut? Copy? Paste?

Second interview question: What web browser are you most familiar with: Firefox and Chrome are the only acceptable answers

Third interview question (more of a request): Please type the following sentences on the keyboard in front of you… Of course, you’re going to read this to them and not show the typed sentences. You’ll be able to see if they chicken peck the keyboard or have a solid QWERTY skill-set.

They’re shopping at our store to discover what the best prices are and how much their savings will be compared to the stores over there. When they see two links for the same item, they’ll think it’s too many and then purchase one item rather than two.

That last one narrows the race to maybe 5!

Fourth interview question: I can fit 8 widgets in a carton, 50 cartons on a pallet, and 18 pallets in a 40 foot container. Customers must purchase a minimum of 1 carton every 4 weeks. The widget costs me $40, and I sell it for $100. How many customers must I have to sell my entire 40 foot container of widgets in 120 days? And what will be my gross profit?

The fourth one is actually a trick question. It will give you great insight into the mindset of the individual…

The pragmatist will do all the math and figure out how many customers you need and how much profit you’ll make at the MOQ. That type of person fits a very specific need for any business. His/her attention to deal is extremely valuable!

The person who is really going to make things happen, someone who will move and shake your business in a positive way, will point out the fact that you really need just one great customer to purchase all your widgets in a single day to make the same GP as those buying at the minimum but ultimately a higher net because selling everything in one day requires much less overhead than keeping it for 120 days. This is someone you want in sales or marketing.

Of course, every business is unique with their own needs, and there are legitimate candidates who use Yahoo or Hotmail. Every business should make sure that it has solid interview questions to help find the candidates that fit the specific needs of the position.


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