Why Some People Still Need a Keyboard aka Tablets are Limiting

I’ll start with a little back story…

I admit. I resisted getting a Blackberry for awhile, mostly because of the douche factor of Blackberry users at the time. I knew I would have to give up my Bluetooth earpiece if I was going to douche out with a Blackberry. I finally cracked and became addicted to my Crackberry within days. What a cool device.

Then along came the (h)i(pster)Phone: iPhone. No way was I going to support the evil empire of Apple. I didn’t have to wait too long for an Android phone. Droooooooid… Awesome phone at the time, but having played around with a few iPhones, the OS had a long way to go.

Once I could have more than one Google account on my phone, I was set! I haven’t considered any other device since then. The Gmail app on Android is amazing. The swype keyboard on my HTC is amazing. I have even gotten an Android tablet.

Still, something is missing…

It finally dawned on me! Tablets are great for the consumption of information. They are easy to handle, portable, and functional when it comes to consuming information. However, if you are the producer of information, tablets are severely lacking. Say what you want about the mouse and keyboard, but the speed at which you can produce results on a digital system is directly related to your keyboard and mouse usage. While you might be able to find someone with brilliant tablet on screen typing speed, I guarantee you that the vast majority of tablet users won’t even get remotely close to my typing speed on a traditional keyboard.

A tablet hooked up to a traditional keyboard? Ok. Now you’re talking about something useful. Now, you’re talking about something for producing rather than just consuming.


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