The Gay Kiss Cam

The Gay Kiss Cam

A friend of mine posted this article on Facebook the other day. It got me thinking about the Kiss Cams I’ve seen. I’ve been to a lot of sporting events, so I’ve seen a lot of kiss cams. The attempted “gay” kiss cam is done at almost every sporting event, and I think it’s hilarious! Just like when they get a couple to kiss and then try to get the husband or wife to kiss someone hot sitting next to them.

Have you seen a kiss cam when they put it on a brother and sister? Talk about unreserved hatred and disgust! Are we going to ban those too? No, because it is ridiculously hilarious to watch someone not want to kiss someone else with so much passion!

I understand McCarthy is coming from a good place, but here’s why we shouldn’t stop the gay kiss cam:

It’s sports. It’s about coming together and cheering for a team with people you don’t know whether they love cock or not. The baseball on the field doesn’t care if you’re gay, straight, black, brown, white, yellow. It might care if you are a dog, but that’s about it.

Since the minority of people in our population are gay or doing a three-way with the person sitting next to them, it’s funny when you put the camera on two dudes or two chicks or pan over to the lady sitting next to the couple to try to get the husband or wife to kiss her. It’s hilarious.

Maybe we need more gay kisses on the kiss cam so people stop being so sensitive about it. I’ve seen it at a couple of games. It’s great! It’s as great as when they find the guy who looks like Santa Claus in the audience during December games. Everyone wants to see Santa make out with someone! It’s awesome! Same sex kiss and move on to the next people on the kiss cam.

Most importantly, what if a gay couple was at a game and really wanted to be on the kiss cam but had no chance because we end up with a shortsighted ban on gay kiss cam attempts? That would suck! Everyone LOVES the kiss cam! Everyone should get a kiss cam opportunity!


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