Real Men and Tall Women

Thank you George Clooney for dating Stacy Keibler! Finally, we can put to rest the issue of women being uncomfortable wearing heels that make them taller than their man! Just look at the image in that link of George and Stacy… Is George some insecure bitch who doesn’t want his woman taller than him? NO! He’s a real man! Is Stacy upset because her date is shorter than her? NO! Because she’s a real woman!

I’ve dated a few women who were just a couple inches shorter than me. When they strapped on the high heels, they were taller. I didn’t have a problem with it at all. In fact, I liked it when they wore the high heels. They loved being able to toss on the high heels and feel that extra level of sexiness that comes from rocking the stilettos. They dated men previously who were upset if they were as tall or taller than them.

Sack up men! If you’ve got a tall woman in your life, treat her like the beautiful woman that she is and encourage her to sport the stilettos and be taller than you! Chances are you aren’t George, but you can at least try to be as cool as he is and be ok with your woman being taller than you.

And women, get over the guy being shorter than you thing. I’m not talking about a 4 foot difference here. We’re talking about less than a foot. If you have some problem with a guy being shorter than you when you’re in six-inch stilettos, then get your insecurity in check. Chances are, the dude is an awesome guy who is going to treat you better than you ever have. Don’t let those stilettos get in the way! If he’s not ok with it, then tell him to sack up or move on!


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