How Google Music Gave Me My Groove Back

Several years ago I chose to not have a personal computer running Windoze or MACOS. It was just going to be Ubuntu for me. It wasn’t the easiest decision. It started off with some dual booting. As time went by, my Windoze and MAC machines were useful for only one thing: iTunes.

Anyone wanting to fool themselves into believing that there has been a legitimate alternative to iTunes on the market over the last several years is just fooling themselves. Now, I’m sure some might be thinking, “What about Spotify?” I’m not a hipster, sorry.

So, I haven’t been listening to much music lately. My music collection has stagnated at just under 500 tracks for the last couple of years. I’ve made numerous attempts with mp3tunes and other software to reclaim my music rights from Apple to no avail. That is until Google Music & TuneClone saved the day!

First, Google Music got me interested in music again. I had really gotten so used to not having easy access to music, so much to the point that I didn’t really care too much about music. I didn’t even know about “Party Rock Anthem” until months after it had been out. Sad tangent there… My 10-year-old nephew kept saying “Everyday I’m shufflin” one day when we were going somewhere. I had no idea what he was talking about. Google Music is so easy to access and use on my Android phone. It’s like the days when I had an iPod like everyone else who doesn’t know better about the evil Apphole empire 😛

Second, TuneClone makes reclaiming your DRM music possible. It’s pretty simple how it works (although, it’s going to cost you $35). It creates a virtual CD on your computer that iTunes reads as a regular CD and will burn disks to. You burn your DRM music as CD audio with test and TuneClone takes care of the rest! The result is a single directory of your playlist (in my case, my entire collection) as MP3 files that you can then drop into your Google Music folder, sync, and listen to anywhere!

A few clicks here and there, and I have my full music library back… Well, throw in a couple of hours of converting the music too, but the main point is that I finally regain my music rights AND have a music interface that’s not a pile of junk that requires multi-step syncing or doesn’t have my full music library available.


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