Without Fail…

I came up with a theory awhile back that any relationship I have ends within 3 months of going on a vacation. This is based upon years of empirical evidence and several breakups. It’s not like the Super Bowl winner prediction of the stock market or Presidential election… This is 100% accurate. It always ends within 3 months.

Now, I have come to another conclusion based upon further empirical evidence: my relationships end within 3 months of acquiring a domestic animal. Now, I haven’t encountered this too much, but I do have three dogs (so that tells you something :-P)

The latest relationship ended nearly 3 months to the date from the time of our first (and only) vacation. It ended within a couple of months of getting her a kitten. The relationship before that ended within 3 months of our first (of only two) vacation, and it ended within 2 months of getting the world’s worst dog!

So, I think I have it figured out for how to not waste another 1.5 years of my life… After 3 months, I’ll have to go on vacation and get a pet! Any ladies interested in Peru and a Llama???


  1. I found this post very entertaining… simply for the fact because my problem is almost the exact opposite. Except there is no particular number (such as your 3 months) involved. I fear that every time I plan/book a vacation with someone I am in a relationship with.. the relationship comes to an end sometime before the trip! Leaving me stuck with paying for airfare for someone that will not be attending! This has happend one too many times to be considered coincidental!!! Happy vacationing 🙂

    • LOL That is too funny. Sorry for getting a good laugh at your expense.

      There’s clearly a pattern there! Maybe it will be best if I just vacation with my friends 😛

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