The Quickest Way Over the Hill

I try to keep a daily journal… TRY. It really only happens once a month these days, but I have found it to be incredibly valuable for getting over breakup I didn’t really see coming. I knew things were growing distant, but I also expected some sort of communication to take place. Bad expectation on my part, and when I look back on the journals I kept over the last 1.5 years, it (the breakup without even trying to work on the relationship) really isn’t a surprise.

At the end of the day, it’s much easier to get a good perspective on that relationship when I look back on the journals I kept. It allows me to focus on what I didn’t really like about the relationship and ignore the good stuff for some time being. Not that I’m forming a negative opinion… It’s really just allowing me to see the relationship for what it was: something that lacked communication, closeness, and openness. Not that these were things that were her (or even really me).

Our relationship was just distant. It was distant from the beginning, and it never truly got that much closer. Neither one of us really opened up to the other romantically. It was (is) a great friendship.


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