Lingerie Basketball… Yes, It’s a Sport

I have to add to the title of this blog: And a Damn Good Sport!

When you hear Lingerie Basketball the first thing that probably comes to mind is either female exploitation, strip clubs, or something that the Lingerie Basketball League is NOT. Last night I got to view the game between the LA Glam and LA Divas. I wasn’t really sure what to expect… I knew what not to expect: wasn’t going to be the Lakers or even he Clippers.

Honestly, the game was extremely entertaining! The women on these teams are great looking. It’s nice to watch beautiful women run up and down a hardwood floor wearing lingeriesque clothing. But the best part is how hard they play the game! These weren’t lingerie wearing models not wanting to chip a nail.

This was hard-hitting, up and down the court action! Elbows were flying, pushing was taking place, and it was all done by beautiful women. Anyone who has been to a Lakers game knows that one of the best parts of the game is when the Laker Girls take to the floor. Now, imagine the Laker girls actually playing basketball just as hard… dare I say, even harder than the Lakers!

It’s the first season, and I hope there are more to come. Everyone involved with the game were so nice, helpful, courteous, polite. Nothing but a great experience from start to finish!

And, now for your viewing pleasure…


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