I’m the Crazy Dog Guy

There’s the original crazy cat lady that we all remember from childhood… The one “The Simpsons” captured so well…

Now there’s the new crazy cat lady (Debbie)

In the digital age, this is truly the perfect rendition of the crazy cat lady. She’s even been auto-tuned (songified)!!!

What would it say about my 29 points of compatibility if she ends up on my eharmony list???

I suppose I should create a video expounding upon my love of dogs. It’s the testosterone version of the cat lady… I don’t suppose I’d want them all with bows though. However, living with three dogs certainly qualifies me as the crazy dog guy. Much like a single woman living with more than two cats (although some might consider more than one cat grounds for someone being the crazy cat lady).

I do think there is a significant difference between the crazy cat lady and the crazy dog guy. You won’t find too many women afraid of entering your house after a hot date because you have a couple (or three) dogs. However, the trio of cats… I know a few men who would jump ship even if it was Alessandra Ambrosio‘s pad they were going back to. Well, maybe not…


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