I Have a Soothing Voice (and might make you fall asleep)

When we set out to make the introductory video for the Quick Zip Belts at Steinhausen we wanted to capture the prestige of Steinhausen and also maintain our image of being a company with innovative men’s furnishings. (Never heard of men’s furnishings? It’s fancy speak for menswear)

Now, I’ve always been told that I have a soothing, calming voice. Going all the way back to one of the first speeches I gave in Church when I was a kid, I’ve been told that I just have a peaceful voice. I’ll admit, I actually can’t stand my voice. I don’t like listening to myself speak, so when we had a trade show in Dallas a couple of weeks ago where we placed the Quick Zip Belt video on a tablet and looped it… rough first day.

Getting back to the belt… The video came out pretty good, although my wardrobe choice was definitely not the best ūüėõ Still, it’s a great products, and I can’t wear a “normal” belt anymore.


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