Product Development Isn’t All That Glamorous

Anyone who has been in product development for any length of time knows the experience when you receive “that phone call”. It’s the one where you are 9 months into prototyping, have seen samples in your hands, promised product availability in the very near future and then are told that everything is back to square one. Sometimes venting is useful, but usually there is nothing you can do about the current stalled state of affairs.

The best thing I’ve found is to get over the initial upset as quickly as possible and then get onto thinking out of the box. There is almost no solution to these types of setbacks when you are confined to normal solutions. Solid communication with your engineers and product managers is key. Acknowledging there is a setback to your potential buyers is the second part. This can be the more painful part of the whole thing, which is why it’s best to Make sure you’ve given it some serious thought an pursued some alternatives before you break the news to them. Still, sooner is always better.


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