A Restaurant Idea: Holy Crepe!

I was eating at a local crepe spot today, Melt, in the Simi Valley Mall. It dawned on me just how much I love crepes and just home much I like playing with words (and food). So I came up with a new restaurant idea! The name will be Holy Crepe!

The desert menu will be seven items (aka, the seven deadly sins):

  • Apple Crepe
  • Pomegranate  Crepe
  • Chocolate Crepe
  • Cherry Crepe
  • Peach Crepe
  • Blueberry Crepe
  • Mango Crepe

The main menu will consist of items like the following:

  • Bull Crepe (for steak lovers)
  • Rabbit Crepe (for vegetarians – not made with rabbit meat)
  • Cheap Crepe
  • The Big Crepe
  • Little Crepe
  • Smelly (Garlic) Crepe
  • Crepe & Barrel (wine or beer served in little barrels)
  • Morning Crepes (for the egg lovers)
  • Tastes like Crepe (the crepe sampler)
  • Hot Crepe (for the spicy lover)
  • Pile of Crepe (all you can eat crepes!)
  • Zen Crepe: One with Everything

You’ll be able to upgrade any crepe to a “Crepe Load” (aka double meat/ingredients)

The company slogan is simple: Our Food is Crepe

We’ll encourage customers to “Eat like Crepe”

Credits to the chef will be under: Who made this crepe?

Crepe of the day: “Today’s Crepe” or “Same Crepe, different day”

When you pickup something to go, it will be “Take a Crepe” and buying a gift certificate will be “Give a Crepe”.

We’ll ask for customers to fill out surveys with a rating system between “I Love this Crepe” to “This Tasted Like Crepe” to “I Hate this Crepe”.

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