blogging Important Information Regarding Your Recent Order… Problems Again!

Two years ago, I had a problem with not delivering on Valentine’s Day…

Important News on Your Order from 1-800-FLOWERS.COM! Continued

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…

There is absolutely no way that I will ever place an order with again. They have lost my business forever, and I will be sure to share this story of not just lousy flower (non)delivery but also their lack of response to my order inquiry.

I was traveling on Valentine’s Day for a trade show this year. I figured that using a service like would be convenient, since I wouldn’t have to try to find a local flower shop near my special lady’s office to deliver the flowers. Although, will Yelp! and Google maps these days and the lack of service from, I’m going to start doing that from now on. After all, it will be better for the local florist anyway, since they won’t have to give a cut to

Traveling on Valentine’s Day means that I was really counting on to take care of my gifting needs on this day of love. I was expecting a text or a phone call from my special lady at some point during the day. No communication. I figured she might have been busy since it’s a busy time for her company planning for their Fall lineup…

Once 7PM rolled around and I was finished up with my trade show for the day, and I knew she was finished I gave her a call to wish her a happy Valentine’s Day and check to see if she received anything. Nothing.

I checked the website to see the status of my order, and they had no update. So, I waited until the morning. There was finally a status that the flowers had been delivered at 9:25:56 Pm… Big problem with this is that her office building is closed at 7PM, so unless the delivery guy left them at the gate, this delivery confirmation is a bunch of BS.

So, I emailed to tell them that the flowers were not delivered and that my special lady’s office closes at 7PM. All I received back was a canned response from Bibi Brown (Director of Customer Experience):

As you can imagine, our florists are out delivering Valentine’s flowers and smiles across the nation. They’ll be doing so all day and night and your delivery may have already arrived or is on its way. Because our florists are so busy making deliveries, we may not be able to offer you a delivery confirmation or status update on your gift until later today or possibly tomorrow.

Well, there were no flowers and no smiles delivered on this order, and I still have yet to receive an email clarifying why my order showed delivered when it was physically impossible for them to have been delivered to my special lady’s office.

As a businessman, I know it’s one thing to mess up an order. It happens. Certainly for a company whose business is based upon the fulfillment of gifting on special days like Valentine’s Day, you’d want to make sure that the mistakes don’t happen on those big days. But I’m willing to concede that no business is perfect. However, when you make a mistake you need to rectify it immediately!

Now, it’s 3 days after the flowers should have been delivered, and there is still no response. At this point I have requested a charge back to from my bank. These are a real pain in the neck. For me to get my money back I’m going to have to fill out a bunch of forms and take more of my time (which has already stolen from me) just to get my money back.

At the end of all this, the worst part is not that I didn’t get what I paid for. The worst part is that I lost that time, smile, special moment with a woman I really care about. Sure, I’ll get my money back, but I can’t go back in time and have flowers delivered to her office on Valentine’s Day. Yes, I can (and will) have flowers delivered (by someone other than to her office, but there is nothing I can do about this lost opportunity. It was especially annoying since I was traveling and working at a trade show. I didn’t have the time available to rectify’s screwup. I was counting on them to follow through on what they say they do:  delivering Valentine’s flowers and smiles… failed!



6 thoughts on “ Important Information Regarding Your Recent Order… Problems Again!

  1. 1800flowers completely screwed up my anniversary gift. it arrived the next day with the wrong flowers. took me an hour of sitting on hold while they passed me around. i’ll never use that service again. they used to be good, now they just suck

  2. I can tell you that things haven’t changed in 2012…I had almost exactly the same experience. Working on getting the charges reversed on my credit card. What a hassle for NOTHING.

  3. It is 2013, and still nothing has changed. In my case, you can just change the names, and the circumstances are the same.

    Never again. I will never order from them again.

  4. It’s 2014, and nothing has changed yet. Thanks, 1-800-FLOWERS, for a ruined day. But now it’s Saturday February 15th And I have spent so much time with emails & phone calls to this 1-800-NO SHOW, NO ANSWER BUY PHONE or EMAIL. “I COULD HAVE GROWN MY OWN FLOWERS BUY NOW” THANKS TO 1-800-FLOWERS

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