Government Spending Cuts to State Universities Make Sense

I know I’m about to piss off just about every college student in America, but they really aren’t to blame for cuts to the government spending at state universities. It’s the students before them that are the issue.

The entire concept of the state government providing funding to the state universities is pretty simple: the universities provide an education that allows students to attain higher paying jobs and create businesses that in tern hire more people.

With unemployment at record highs and income a lower levels than a decade ago, clearly the universities have not produced the results the state government was hoping for. The state government pays for most everything with tax dollars. If unemployment is high and business isn’t booming, the universities haven’t produced students who can grow the economy. Their funding should get cut. It’s pretty simple.

Of course, the state governments should be providing the universities with any funding. If anything, they state governments should issue grants and loans to prospective students only. On top of that, the state governments should not rely on taxes for those funds at all. Instead, states should issue bonds to raise money for the grants they issue to students. This would eliminate “budget cut” woes for universities. A university would stand purely on its own merit and ability to compete for quality students. All of this would allow universities to actually compete for students instead of having state mandated tuition fees. Generally speaking, competition generates lower prices as cost is quite often one of the most important factors for any purchasing decisions.


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