The NFL Should Create A Losers Bowl

Earlier today I was joking with someone about how the worst team from the NFC West should play the worst team from the AFC West (easily the two weakest division in the NFL). After further review… Wouldn’t it be a great thing for the NFL to commission The Loser Bowl?!!?

Think about it. The lousy teams need the most financial support. When a team goes 1-15, there aren’t a lot of seats being sold at those games. If you create the Lower Bowl, it would give those teams an added incentive financially as well as a kick in the pants to play better next year. First, nobody would want to actually qualify for The Loser Bowl. Second, nobody would want to LOSE The Loser Bowl!!!

Now, some might think that I’m trying to create a shame game… Heck! That’s a brilliant idea: The Hall of Shame. We all joke about it, but this could make it reality. However, that’s now what I’m trying to accomplish here. I’m betting that the two teams in The Loser Bowl would play with just as much heart and soul as the two teams that make it to the Super Bowl. They would put everything into it because they don’t want to be the Loser Bowl LVP (Least Valuable Player). Additionally, we’re talking about ratings here! Maybe the first year or so wouldn’t be such a great year for ratings, but I’m guessing that it would start ranking up there with some of the best playoff games eventually.

Of course, what I’m really shooting for is the ultimate showdown! Super Bowl Champions vs. the Loser Bowl Champion! Could you imagine the Loser Bowl Champion beating the Super Bowl Champion??!!!? Now, we’re talking some serious ratings!!! NFL, feel free to use my idea at no cost 🙂


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