My Cat Received Federal Reserve Money

It seems like everyone and their mother received money from the Federal Reserve in 2008. My dogs didn’t get any from The Fed, but my cat certainly did! The dogs aren’t too happy about it.

All joking aside, the lending to Verizon, Harley-Davidson, and countless foreign banks really helped prevent a “financial meltdown” and “Some have recorded healthy profits for taxpayers”… Oh wait! I said all joking aside. First, I don’t see how returns to The Fed benefit taxpayers in any way. Second, I don’t see how getting paid back money with interest when the USD has been devalued so significantly over the last two years is actually making a profit.

If I lend someone $10 and they pay me back $12 in two years but $12 is really only worth the equivalent to $9.60, I really didn’t make a profit. That’s what The Fed did on the scale of $9 trillion.

The logic of all this “stimulus” and “bailout” is flawed. The idea is that companies, banks, etc are “too big to fail”. The biggest problem with this logic is that a company reorganizing its debt is not a failure. Sometimes this happens. I’m not talking about completely cooked books like Enron and companies like that. Bankruptcy protection allows a company to sit down with the folks it owes money to and say that instead of going through expensive collections processes and incurring massive attorney fees for our 3 year loan, we’ll pay it back in 5 years instead. That’s just one overly simplified example, but pretty much how it works.

There is no company that is “too big to fail”. Unless there is egregious cooking of the books, the company can always be salvaged and work out deals with its creditors to solve the financial issues. The Fed just printed money and handed it out to people. So what if the money was paid back! The value of the USD has decreased so rapidly over the last 2 years that the money paid back is worth far less in terms of tangible value than it was when it was lent out.

The result of the $9 trillion money printing job is this stalled out economy. Rather than forcing businessmen to grow come cojones and take responsibility for their businesses, Bernanke dished out trillions because he read in a textbook that the idea would work. I’m sure in his mind it has worked because the alternative was a “financial meltdown” (which is patently false). I’m sure Congress and Obama won’t do anything about his reckless action.


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