California Proposition Results for 2010

I chimed in last week about what I thought about the ballot measures on this year’s ballot. Taking at look at the results coming in from the CA SOS

Proposition 19 – 56.9% NO – You put your weeeed in it… Doesn’t look like this is even going to get close to passing. 43% is about 7 joints short of legalizing Marijuana in California. Looks like we’ll have to find something else to tax the hell out of to balance the budget!

Proposition 20 – 65.5% YES – This is a slam dunk. Not a slam dunk like finding WMD in Iraq but a real slam dunk!

Proposition 21 – 61.3% NO – I’m sure nobody wanted to pony up the extra 18 bucks, but really this shouldn’t have passed. It’s a half-assed bill… Literally! Half the existing funds would be evaporated to go waste on something else our state deems necessary (but probably most of us don’t).

Proposition 22 – 64.3% YES – Another slap in the face to the State of California’s overspending and raping of our local resources. Now they’ll have to find somewhere else to steal the money from our pockets, and it’s going to be tough looking at how 26 is doing!

Proposition 23 – 57.4% NO – This isn’t going to pass. It was the CA ballot IQ test. If you really think repealing some air pollution laws are going to get unemployment down to 5 percent…

Proposition 24 – 61.4% NO – I’m quite surprised this one isn’t going to pass, but it looks like us CA business folk get to keep some tax breaks…

Proposition 25 – 53% YES – Looks like this one is going to pass, and that is extremely scary! Budgets should be achieved through compromise, not by the whim of whomever holds the majority of the seats in our State Congress. This could spell disaster for the state budget as the ruling party will get to spend however they want while taxes still require compromise. When you really look at the tax vs. spend issues, it’s the spending that is the biggest problem, not the taxes. Government spend themselves into a hole, and this passage will just make the hole easier and bigger!

Proposition 26 – 56.4% YES – It’s funny that a ballot measure that requires 2/3 majority vote isn’t going to receive 2/3 of the votes, but this puppy is going to pass.

Proposition 27 – 61.3% NO – Clearly, Californians don’t have a sense of humor when it comes to ballot measures. Proposition 20 and 27 should have passed, making it the most hilarious combo of propositions. Oh well…


3 thoughts on “California Proposition Results for 2010

  1. I suggest the people who voted for prop 23 practice what they vote and be forced to ride a bicycle to work twice a week. And no flatulence allowed by them either, as they say that is a big source contributing to global warming.

  2. On the issue of a simple vs super majority to pass a budget, this bill actually allows more compromise when it comes to spending. Currently the majority cannot pass a budget at all unless a substantial portion of the minority chime in against their own party interest. This proposition allows even a minority party to cobble together a coalition of votes to pass a budget that makes sense if even just a few of the majority party swim against the tide of party politics. We need measures that will provide our politicians an incentive to think outside their narrow party interests and put the state as a whole above those interests…

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