Flat Tax is (Inadvertent) Communism

What do communism and a flat tax have in common? I’m not joking when I say that they are of the same yoke. A flat tax is an even tax levied upon all people, no matter their income (or lack thereof), at the same rate. It is often tossed around as an 15-18% Federal tax. While existing prior to Steve Forbes, it was widely popularized by Forbes and other politicians in the 90s.

The goal of communism is to create a classless society, common ownership of property and business, and elimination of labor wages. Classes are quite literally defined by a graduated tax system. People in the lowest income bracket pay the lowest taxes, while those in the highest income bracket pay the highest taxes. The flat tax will even things out, right? Well, so would flat income, right? It’s pretty much the same concept, but I doubt any flat tax supporters are going to support flat income.

The argument that people claim is that a graduated tax system robs from those who make higher income to pay for the social services provided to the lower incomes. Ostensibly, this is a valid argument as it is largely true. The top 52% pay more than 80% of the taxes each year. And lower-income people are the greater recipients of social programs. However, this blog is not about whether the role of government is to protect the wealth of those with the most money (albeit an easy argument for me to win). This blog is about how a flat tax is as communist as a flat income rate.

Now, those arguing for the flat tax don’t see it that way, and I certainly don’t expect to change their minds with this blog. However, they are inadvertently supporting communism ideals and might not understand the ramifications of such support. They will continue to argue to the teeth the same argument that they have been arguing all along. However, flat tax is communism and has very serious social, political, and economic consequences (the least of which is a nearly instant abolition of thousands of jobs in America). It is a classless taxation system, and therefore, by definition, communism.


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