The Best Interest of Others

Stuff… It’s easy to get wrapped up in it. Stuff that is. We all have something or somethings going on that can distract us from the task at hand, spending time with our loved ones, or even just making sound decisions.

This is all why there’s rarely any interest in someone else’s stuff. We have our own stuff to deal with and worry about. However, imagine if you didn’t worry about your stuff at all. Imagine if your only concern was the best interest of those around you. Your loved ones Your coworkers. Imagine if all your attention was on taking care of or supporting others with their stuff.

A couple of things would happen pretty quickly:

  1. You’d get better at dealing with stuff because everyone has different stuff, and you’d eventually find patterns and similarities in others’ stuff. You’d help them deal with their stuff more efficiently
  2. You wouldn’t have any of your stuff to worry about

The first item above might seem obvious, but one might be pondering how the second item would happen. After all, if you spend all your time working on others’ stuff, you don’t have any time to deal with your stuff. Well, the beauty of humans helping other humans is that we often reciprocate. You help 20 people with their stuff regularly, and a good portion (if not all) of those 20 people are going to reciprocate.

So, imagine 20 people taking care of your stuff for you! You’d be able to take on more stuff, potentially 20x more stuff than before because you now have 20 people taking care of your stuff. Perhaps they might not be as efficient as you for taking care of some of your stuff. So, maybe you can only take on 10x more stuff than before.

What would you do if you could do 10x more than you do right now???


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