Signs You Might Be Dating a Psycho…

I make light of my relationships on my blog radio show all the time. After all, what better way to ensure I remain single for the rest of my life than to blog and talk about my relationships online, right? Over the years, I’ve dated some great women. They just haven’t been great for me. Each has had her pros and cons. In the end, there hasn’t been anyone that I’ve wanted to “settle down” with. Although, I think the “settle down” concept is mostly what keeps me single. I will certain not settle, and if I ever did, it wouldn’t be down. It would be up because up is a better way to settle. Unless I could settle upside down… But I digress (another blog).

The nuttiest of the women I’ve dated don’t appear to be nutty outside their relationships with me. To their friends and families, they are quite normal and wonderful people. So, this leads me to believe that I actually drive seemingly normal women crazy. This is probably true because I’ll be the first to admit that I am not the easiest to get along with in a romantic relationship. I’m not going to miss my girlfriend when I’m traveling all over the world. I’m not going to get jealous if some guy is flirting with her: she’s going home with me, and if she doesn’t then she did me a favor by showing a lack of character sooner rather than later. I’ll talk to my dogs when I get home, even if I’m on the phone my someone I’m dating. I wont’ text every day if I don’t have to, and I certainly won’t call if there is no emergency.

It’s not like I ignore the women I date, and it’s not even that they are not a priority. They are very important and special in their own way. I just prefer to have a healthy balance in my life. So, what does this have to do with dating psychos? We’ll I’ve dated a few (or should I say, turned a few nuts) in my day. Here are some signs that you’ve got a nutcase on your hands:

  • She gives you a book that shows according to your birthday and/or astrological sign/chart that the two of you are soul mates
  • She tries to stab your giant teddy bear (you know you have one!)
  • She accuses you of not being that into her (best response to said accusation is to agree with her). For example, “You don’t really love me”
  • She gives you the third degree when a hot model friend of yours posts something on your FB or Myspace (what’s myspace?) profile
  • You’ve been dating for a few months and she invites you to a wedding and then gets upset that you don’t partake in the garter belt ceremony

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