I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard or read something about Facebook being the best place for a business to advertise. Those saying this a scam artists who sprinkle in a few “gee that makes sense” bits of information to make people think that Facebook has some magic formula for advertising. The keyword BS used to pitch Facebook as the Google killer is “demographics”.

It has been shoved down our throats for decades that demographics produce better ad results. Television, radio, newspapers all pride themselves on their demographics, and there is tremendous value to demographics. Running a tampon ad in Men’s Health isn’t going to fair too well. Running an advertisement for a$100K Lexus in Double-wide Quarterly is probably not going to perform well either. So, the Internet scam artists use this concept to prey on unsuspecting victims at Internet marketing seminars to get people to buy into the hype of Facebook.

The reality is that search behavior is the best indicator of a person’s interest in a product or service NOT whether they are 50+, own a home, have 2.5 kids, or make more than $250K/year. Still, people buy into the hype around Facebook because it has beat out Google in visits finally. Still, Facebook advertisements are passive, not active. You have a lure someone into being interested in something you have to sell rather than them going out and search for you.

I’m going to take this one step further and just analyze my own advertisements that I see on Facebook vs. other websites, like moviefone.com (which has absolutely no demographic information about me other than my zip code). My Facebook ads are predominantly dating website ads. At the time of this blog, my Facebook relationship status is single. If I were to change that, I would receive more Mafia Wars ads instead of dating website ads. I’m not saying these ads are worthless. Online dating is bigger than porn now, so it makes sense that I’d see a myriad of dating website ads on my Facebook pages when I am listed as Single.

What ads do they display on moviefone.com for me? The Buffet of Buffet ads for Las Vegas! I was just in Vegas for a trade show. I visited several websites related to Vegas while searching for a hotel to stay at. Am I going back to Vegas right away? No. However, I remember the Buffet of Buffet advertisements in Vegas when I was there, and I sure will be tempted to get this deal next time I visit (probably in about 4 months). That’s good advertising!


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