Committing to the Achievable is Robbing Oneself of Life

I enjoyed a bromance with my buddy Jim this evening. We hadn’t talked to each other in awhile, aside from the occasional Facebook/Twitter comment here and there. It was a good conversation that covered many topics from marriage to who shot JFK (although, one can argue those are two of the same thing).

One of the conversations we had was about life and really living. So often we here about how when we are children we understand just living and playing and having fun. And we lose that as an adult. That is only half of the equation. As a child, we are inexperienced, naive, and lack maturity to fully understand the consequences of our actions. We learn those consequences as we grow older. Then we learn to fear the consequences.

The consequences are often times what living is all about! If I jump out of an airplane (which I’ve done twice now), the very real consequence is that I could splatter all over the ground. That’s the rush! That’s what gets the adrenaline going! If I take a risk and switch careers from IT to business during one of the worst economic downturns in nearly a century, that’s living! That’s a rush!

Running a marathon has very real consequences. Riding a motorcycle has serious consequences. Eating at Denny’s… The risks involved with life is what makes it so exciting! Falling in love and giving your all to someone else has very serious consequences of heartache, disappointment, and betrayal or more positive consequences such as being ridiculously head over heels for someone, starting a family, and getting married (statistically, this is less than 50% favorable in America LOL).

Bottom line: life is best enjoyed by challenging oneself!


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