Some People Just Don’t Want to Like Me

I’m not being emo here, but there are some people in life who really just don’t want to like me. They seem to be ex-girlfriends or friends of ex-girlfriends… Of course, I’m shooting myself in the foot here as potential girlfriends might read my blog one day. Like I’ve always said, the fastest way to ensure you don’t have a romantic relationship is to talk about your love life in your blog. But I digress.

Now, I’m not perfect. I’m far from perfect. I can’t walk on water. The only time I’ve turned water into wine is by pouring wine into a glass and saying it used to be water. I’m far from perfect, and I have no problem with copping to my mistakes. After all, what does one learn from a mistake free life? Well, besides that everyone wants to staple you to a stick?

While I’ve made mistakes and done some crappy things in life, I’ve done plenty of other wonderful things in my life. Not that I’m really keeping score here or anything, but I know for sure that I’ve done some things that others are quite grateful for. Still, there are some people (ex-girlfriends and their friends) who just really don’t want to think positive of me. I could save a drowning one armed baby from a burning 10 story apartment with no staircase in the slums of Ethiopia, and they (and by they, I mean one ex in particular) will still think I’m an ass. Oh well… At least my dogs think I’m awesome!


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