Tip for Facebook’s Search Team

Here’s a tip for Facebook’s search team. Return search results from my own posts that match what I’m searching for. I post quite a bit on Facebook (much to the dismay of my friends, I’m sure), so posts from earlier in the day or a day before don’t show up on my profile page. Yet, it would be nice to be able to find something I posted on there before. Yes, there are ways I can filter around things, but I like search. Search is my friend.

Where this becomes useful is that I’m not alone in posting things that I find interesting or useful. Often time, I want to reference those links or quotes and either didn’t bookmark or can’t remember exactly what the information was. If Facebook could become a reference point for people, it would make Facebook more useful than it is now and in some ways trump Google.

We all know that Facebook wants to be a search source, but honestly how much time is spent searching for people on the Internet (except by stalkers). I search for resources and research for resources on Google all the time. Most of the time I find a good resource, I post it on Facebook. By utilizing this information and giving me easier access to this information, Facebook search would become HIGHLY relevant for resource searching (which is really want the Internet is all about).


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