Verizon Visual Voice Mail Uninstalls but Keeps Billing

Visual VM is quite a cool feature… Well, at least the idea behind it is cool. The Verizon Visual VM for the Droid is a joke. The interface is clumsy at best and lacks basic features such as easily changing your outgoing message. A free VVM system called PF Voicemail is vastly superior (they have a paid version too). Of course, if you have Google Voice, even better!

However, the lameness of the Verizon VVM goes beyond the clumsy application. You cannot remove the feature from your account!

When you add the application to your Droid, it adds the feature to your account. However, when you uninstall the application it does not cancel that feature. Also, when you change your plan, it does not cancel that feature even if you don’t select it. Verizon VVM is cell phone feature warts. You can’t get rid of it, and you notice it every time you check your account. Unless you seek professional help…

But even contacting Verizon support online won’t help you. Here is the chat I had with one of their online customer service reps:

Tameika: Thank you for that information Jared. In order to remove the visual voice mail is to contact customer care to remove it.

Jared: I was able to add the feature from my Droid

Jared: and I can’t remove it from my phone or my My Verizon access

Jared: You cannot allow someone to add a feature and then not be able to remove it

Tameika: That has a price on it and is not available to remove online.

Jared: I can remove other features that have prices

Tameika: That has to re figured in your plan./

Jared: That doesn’t make any sense. I just changed my plan all together

Jared: So, how can I not remove one feature? when I can remove other features that are more expensive

Tameika: I do apologize.

The chat went on for a bit more, but the whole point is that Verizon VVM is a complete scam! How can a company offer the ability to add a feature to your line via your phone (and your online account) but not allow you to remove it at all!!!?


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