AT&T Mammoth Mountain (Lakes) Coverage Shows How Disconnected it is

Earlier this year I went to Mammoth Mountain with my girlfriend and her family. Her birthday is January 1, so it was part New Year celebration and part birthday celebration. I’ve always been poking fun at her because of the lack of AT&T coverage compared to my Verizon coverage, but it become abundantly obvious when we were driving up to Mammoth.

It started once we passed Mojave. I had several bars on my Droid while she had nothing. As we continued to drive, my service started to diminish. After all, we’re driving through the middle of the desert. I’d get spotty service here and there as we continued along the 395, she only had usable service when we were in the towns along the way (if even that).

However, you can’t really fault AT&T for not having service in the middle of nowhere, right? It’s not a very big market, right? This is true.

Still, as we were in Mammoth, my Droid had service everywhere. Several bars. Now, Mammoth might be in the middle of nowhere, but it certainly isn’t a tiny market. It is the largest ski resort in the largest state in America. Couple that with the fact that most people who ski are middle to upper class, and Mammoth should be a market covered by a cell phone service provider.

Verizon had me covered, and AT&T had coverage here and there. However, the funniest thing about my girlfriend’s service is when she looked at the time on her iPhone… It was off by two hours LOL AT&T Fail


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