Droid Privacy Protector Protects Your Privacy by Making Your Droid Unusable

Avoid the Privacy Protector for the Motorola Droid

Yesterday was Droid Day. The Verizon stores were not prepared with accessories, so I had to wait to get vital phone accessories like a case and screen protector. I had a little bit of a Twitter rant last night after having to wait 10 minutes to talk to a “sales associate” at the VZ store just to buy the accessories for the Droid I purchased earlier in the day. The worst part is that they VZW guy sold me a privacy protector, not the screen protector.

I figured out how this privacy protector works! It has nothing to do with polarization. In fact, it only blanks your screen side peepers when you are in landscape. The real privacy protection comes from the fact that it makes your touchscreen unusable! The Droid privacy protector nearly makes it impossible to unlock you Droid with the touch and slide feature. I can only imagine what it would do if you set a custom unlock pattern.

Avoid the Droid privacy protector if you actually want to use your Droid!


  1. drioduser

    They gave me the protector too, and it works great. It didn’t affect the touchscreen usage at all for me. They claim there is a setting to change sensitivity, but I didn’t go looking for it. You should look into it. It protects the screen from damage, and prying eyes. I plan on buying another if needed.

  2. pstuckey

    I bought this screen protector as well. I’ve had ZERO problems with screen sensitivity thus far. it works great.

  3. There are quite a few other people with this problem on the forums out there. Perhaps we all received defective items and droiduser and pstuckey received the only two good ones out there 😛

  4. Steven

    I googled auto unlock droid and found this site.
    I sometimes miss calls trying to unlock the phone.
    I have the privacy protector.
    I guess that might be the problem afterall.

  5. dzab

    yeah ive had the privacy screen and it works great! idk why yours hasnt worked but i love it. nobody can read my texts from the side or anything.

  6. Barbie Blue

    Glad to know I’m not the only one, I had the same problem! I cannot find any settings feature that will change the screen’s sensitivity. It bugged me so much, I took it off the phone and I’m taking back to Verizon to get my $ back.

    We aren’t the only ones who have had that problem:


    I wish mine worked like those on here who were lucky enough to not have any problems! I couldn’t even unlock my phone with that thing on! Ugh!

  7. Damian

    I just got one and put it on. mine wouldnt function either. You would think since it is made for Droid they would know there is no touch sensitivity settings on it. I gave mine to my girlfriend and she put it on her iphone it worked better on it but still a little slow on responsiveness. Dont recommend getting one till they fix it.

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